Monday, January 23, 2017

Time Just Flys By!

Well its been another CRAZY week! and it really has flown by so fast I don't know what even happened. 

Well this Tuesday, we sent off the missionaries who had completed their missionary service, which was a crazy event in itself, we took them to the Kumasi Airport in the morning, and it ended up that their flight got cancelled due to the Harmatten (crazy dust season) and the airplanes won't fly in that weather cause in the mornings, the dust and fog is so crazy that the air is just so thick you can hardly see in front of you.. So we took them to a bus station, then we rushed back to the mission home and had a short training meeting with all the Elders who had been called as new district leaders, and then we rushed again back to the airport to pick up the new missionaries coming right from the MTC. This flight was okay cause by the day time the air clears up small small.. But man it was awesome to spend the rest of the day Tuesday with the new missionaries. The Spirit they brought was powerful, and man, they are all ready to go and serve, we were really impressed by them. 

Well Wednesday was the big transfers, and we were all over the place. In the morning, we finished a small training with the new missionaries, and got them paired with their trainers, then we had another training for the trainers, then another training for the newly called zone leaders, then we drove a bunch of the companionships back to their apartments so that was another long crazy day. 

Thursday was one of the weirdest days of my whole mission so far. A few weeks ago the Queen Mother of the Ashante Kingdom died. The Ashante Kingdom is like the 2nd biggest kingdom in Africa, and it was a HUGE deal here in Kumasi cause Kumasi is the capitol of the Ashante region and the King's Palace is right in the middle of town here. So the funeral was this week, and the final burial took place Thursday night. Well in the middle of all this craziness, there is actually a lot of danger that is present with the funeral. Some say that its myth, but we know a few people who have been big in the kingdom before, but who are now members of the church, and they say It is tradition that when big royalty (a king or queen) dies, they sacrifice 6 people to serve as their servants in the spirit world, and so the day of the burial, nobody goes out for the fear that they will be taken as one of the sacrifice, and that day, there is A LOT of bad things with juju (voodoo stuff) that go on because of the sacrificing and all that. It is so sketchy all the stuff that they talk about what happens.. So all the missionaries were to stay in their apartments all day on Thursday just to stay away from all that stuff. We had to run a few companionships to the bus station to catch buses to their areas, and while we were driving in town, all the shops were closed, and there were hardly any cars on the road... if you have been in Kumasi around Kejetia Market, and you have seen the insane traffic there, and then you see no cars on those roads, its eery. We were scared just riding in the car in town. It was a crazy day, and that night while the burial and a bunch of rituals were going on, it was complete silence outside our apartment, it was just weird, but thankfully all was well with all the missionaries.  

Well the rest of the week we got to go out and do quite a bit of proselyting, and we really found some awesome people to teach. This area i'm in now has a lot of really wealthy people who live here. And its really been sweet to teach people who have a great education and knowledge about the Gospel. I love teaching about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. On Friday while we were teaching a guy, Smith, I taught about the First Vision, and man, the Spirit testified so strongly in that lesson that it was true, I felt like the Spirit was just talking, I didn't feel like i was even thinking about what to say, I love that feeling that I am guided in the things that I do and say. I love being a full time missionary and I know that the work that I am doing is divine. I am acting as the Lord's hands, and I love the joy it brings me each and every day. I know that the Church is true and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is there through everything.  He is with us. He knows us. I love Him. I know that through faith in Him and repentance, we will be able to be forgiven of our sins as we do all we can to strive daily to be better. 

I love you all and hope and pray that you have a great week!! 

Us and the new missionaries and their trainers on Wednesday

Just Enjoying

Our sweet kitchen when all 5 of us in the apartment are trying to cook... 

Washing the car this morning. we got a sweet ride

Me and Elder Hill and the BOM

Keep your Eyes on the Road

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