Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Here in Kumasi

Hey there!!!

I am here and safe!! I have arrived at the mission home and i get my companion and my area tomorrow.  I am beyond excited so that is a good thing!!

I hope everything is going good back home!!

I love you,

Elder Porritt

And our 42nd Group is Off!

This particular group flew to Kumasi today.  All of the groups who left  are well-trained and will make a difference in the lives of so many people.

Last Day at the MTC

Hello there Familia!!

First things first.  Did any of you watch Elder Scott's funeral service?? If not, go watch it right now because it was amazing and it featured the greatest opening prayer I have ever laid my ears upon.  (if that doesnt give away who gave the opening prayer then you will understand when you find out who gave it haha)

How are things going back home?? I have enjoyed everybody's emails and getting to read about everything back home really kinda stinks because it makes me miss home a lot. But to tell you the truth I dont think I could make it through the week without hearing from you so just keep that in mind that you are keeping me alive ha ha ;)

All is well here at the MTC!!  

This week has been pretty solid besides the fact that I am still here at the MTC.  All of us American elders are so ready to get out into the field!! The food here at the MTC definitely isnt my favorite but it is decent most days.  We had fufu for lunch on Friday and it was interesting to say the least.  I sent mom a picture of it so if you saw that then you will see it is basically a big ball of dough.  It is about the size of a pancake but like four pancakes stacked on top of each other!! And so you take your index and middle fingers and get a chunk of it on those fingers and roll it into a ball and dip it into the soup that they serve with it and then swallow it whole.  No chewing.  It is impossible to eat.  It is like swallowing a pill that is the size of a submarine and I hardly ate any of it because I was scared I was gonna not be able to swallow and then throw it all up.  It doesnt taste too bad though once it has been dipped in the soup.  The fufu alone is disgusting though.  
Another cool experience that happened this week was Sunday night.  We sat down and watched The Testaments and H O L Y     C O W.  That has a new meaning to me if I do say so myself.  The Spirit was like a cloud of smoke it was so strong here.  Seeing that and just thinking to myself about how our Savior died for us, rose again, and LIVES is so amazing.  We are truly so blessed to have the Savior.  Without Him, we would be here for nothing.  His sacrifice for us is the greatest thing that has ever happened on this Earth and I know that He lives.  He loves each and every one of us and wants us all to be happy.  His Gospel was restored to this Earth through Joseph Smith and I know the Book of Mormon is the Word of God.  We are so so so so blessed to be a part of this Gospel and I am so blessed to be serving my Savior and my Heavenly Father.  I love them and I love you all!! I hope this next week is a good one!! I am off to Kumasi!!! You are in my prayers!!

Lots of Love (LOL)

Elder Porritt

Fufu. not too shabby

Monday, September 28, 2015

Squeaky Desks

Such a Musical Group!

Some of my homies in the MTC

Me and Elder Kanda who made me the soccer jersey.

Me and Elder O or Elder Onwuegbuchulam.  That is his last name hahah he is from Nigeria and he is the coolest Elder I have met so far!! I wish he was serving in Kumasi but he is serving in Nigeria..  I am going to miss him a ton.. me and him have been brothers here...

Another one with Onwuegbuchulam.  Also pictured is Longman (left), Lierd on the bottom and my companion Morford on the right

Front side of our jerseys!! apparently FC Barcelona is huge in Africa so all the elders were going crazy when we put these on hahahaha

Back side.  looking good

All My district of Helaman

From left to right: Elder Walsh, Elder Wood, Elder Osei-Tutu, Elder Longman, Elder Lierd, Elder Speakman, Elder Sotalbo, Elder me, Elder Morford, Elder Smith.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Helaman District

There he is, playing the piano.  See, Mom was right in making you practice the piano!!!

Ghana MTC: Learning About The Culture in Ghana

Please click below to learn about the culture of Ghana.
Ghana MTC: Learning About The Culture in Ghana: Our former Director of Temporal Affairs,   Nene Dunenyo First (Philippe J. Kradolfer) is not only a Church employee, but a wonderful...

Friday, September 25, 2015

Experiences in the MTC

This is a thought shared with me from Elder Walch's mom.  She clipped this excerpt from his letter today and messaged it to me.  I wanted to share it in Elder Porritt's blog:
In the MTC we learned a lot about the Spirit and its essential role in conversion. Never before have I felt such a sweeter Spirit coming from these Africans. Here is a people who have come here from all over Africa to be a part of something big. Something that they deem bigger than themselves. We had a lesson on a scripture in I think 2nd Nephi that goes something like this:To all those who forsake their family, their wives, their friends, their homes in the service of the Lord,The instructor then looked up and said:"How many of you have sacrificed something to get here?"a vast majority of the Africans raised their hands. The instructor began to cry and read the next part of the verse,"they shall be restored to him an Hundred fold."
I sat there amazed at what happened next. The Africans started to sing the last verse of Come Come ye Saints. These people are so much greater than me. It is an honor to be here among them.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ghana MTC: Ghana MTC 17 September 2015 Slideshow

Please click below to watch a slideshow of the Ghana MTC.  Watch for Elder Porritt.

Ghana MTC: Ghana MTC 17 September 2015 Slideshow

Area Seventy, Elder John Koranteng Speaks

This is our 42nd group since we arrived in Ghana.  Missionaries in this group are bound for Kumasi, Benin, Brazzaville, Madagascar, and two missions in Nigeria.  Elder Koranteng speaks 7 languages and directs the Self Reliance Program for the Africa West Area.  He has been an Area Seventy for 3 years.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here's a letter!

Dear Family,

I only have 10 minutes today to email so its going to be short probably but i just wanted to let you know I am doing awesome and I feel amazing!! We just got back from a trip to the temple and it was amazing.

My companion is from Payson and his name is Elder Morford. We have been getting along pretty well.  My district is awesome. We sleep in dorms that hold 6 Elders and there is no air conditioning and i hate sleeping in the heat so i guess that isnt the best but i will live haha.  we love being in class because that is where the air conditioners are is in our classrooms!  The cooks here try and cater to the Americans because they say that we are way picky which is for the most part true hahah. But we have had a lot of rice and chicken and beef and spaghetti. but out in the field it will be a lot different I have been told.  

I feel really good right now.  The Gospel is amazing to learn about and it makes me so happy to put on this black badge that bears the name of Christ every single day!! I love the Gospel and cant wait to get out into the field next week and teach!!!  I leave the MTC on Tuesday and we fly to Kumasi!!  Thank you for the emails everybody. You have no idea how good it is to hear from you!!  Today has been amazing.  I love you all so much!! Have an awesome week!!

Elder Porritt
 First companionship, Elders Morford and Porritt.
 This is one of the American meals that they fixed for us in the cafeteria.

This is where the president of Ghana lives. Aka the white house of Ghana.