Monday, February 13, 2017

Traveling for Zone Conferences

Hello everyone, Happy Valentines Day tomorrow! I don't know how much people really celebrate Valentines day here, but i guess we will see, I'm sure if they do, its not many people so yeah it wont be too crazy here haha! 

Anyway this week was awesome(as usual)! We really enjoyed. On Tuesday, we had Zone Conference in Tamale, then immediately after the conference, we rode down to Techiman and spent the night there, then got up Wednesday morning and finished the journey back home to Kumasi, it felt so great to be back home, yet a little sad, going on these trips is pretty fun, but i do prefer sleeping on a bed instead of a 3 inch thick sleeping pad that doesn't even have enough space for my whole body on it hahaha, but travelling is so fun! That whole week of travelling was a blast being with President and Sister Cosgrave and with a bunch of other missionaries, getting to know all of them better, man it was such an awesome week there. But Wednesday, we had a couple missionaries come in, one (Elder Peterson who i have served with back in Techiman) was coming back from a surgery that he had to go get back in the states, and one (Elder Gallarde) was coming from the Philippines, he has been waiting like 2 months for his visa to come and finally he got it and now he is here.

Thursday we had a training meeting that we held at our chapel for all the missionaries who are currently training, it was such a sweet meeting. Friday, we finally got some time to proselyte in our own area for the first time in a long time haha, we had a wonderful day though, we have one investigator who we taught and extended a baptismal date to on Friday who attended Church on Sunday with her two young sons, her name is Sister Ga, and she really loves the Church, but its just hard for Elder Hill and I to teach her cause she doesn't understand English very well, but she is an amazing lady. I'll keep updated on her as time goes. 

The other awesome progress that we have been having in our area is a certain sister called Ln.  Well for her, we contacted her about 2 weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon and what happened was, well she was cooking and didn't really have time for us, but Elder Hill just said, well let us talk to you for just 10 minutes, and she said alright 10 minutes and that is it! So we took roughly 11-12 minutes to introduce, explain, and bare testimony of the Book of Mormon.  By the time we had done that, it didn't seem like she wanted us to leave, but to keep talking about it, but we told her that we had taken more than her time, and that she could go back to cooking, and we set up a time to come back and see her, well plans fell through and we eventually traveled for a whole week and since that Sunday we hadn't seen her.

on Friday night, we finally met her again at home. This time she had just finished cooking (thank goodness) and she was so happy when she saw us, she said that she thought we had forgot about her, but there was no way we could forget, she is a powerful woman with great English and great understanding when she reads. Well Friday night, we sat down for about an hour and had a more detailed explanation and overview of the Book of Mormon, and she committed to read, ponder, and pray as invited by Moroni in chapter 10, verse 3-5. It was a great lesson and she asked us to come back the next day. 

So Saturday came around and we went out in the morning and visited a few recent converts here in our branch, and then we taught a few lessons to some new people that we found through the place where we buy our lunch once or twice a week haha, hopefully they progress, but we did meet with Ln on Saturday night, as planned, and boy it was another powerful lesson!! The night before we left her to read the Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, but she wasn't able to do it cause she had a busy day at work, so what we did was we went through the whole restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked about how Jesus Christ had a church while He was on the earth, how that Church was built upon the foundation of Apostles, Prophets, and Jesus Christ Himself (Eph 2:19-20). We taught all about the great apostasy and the confusion that it brought into the world of religion. And we taught how the light was brought back to the world through a vision opened to a young man named Joseph Smith! We taught how he saw the Father and the Son, how They taught him and told him what would happen for him to restore the Church. And also about how Heavenly Father send John the Baptist, then Peter, James, and John to restore the Priesthood power to Joseph Smith. All the while when we were explaining the first vision and the restoration of the Priesthood, Ln was dead silent and the Spirit was so strong. After we testified of what we had just taught, there was a silence of probably 20 or so seconds then we asked what she was feeling, and she said that she didn't know how to explain it, so we explained it for her using Gal 5:22, and she just knew right there that it was all right, she said that she felt so amazing hearing the message that we had for her. 

Unfortunately she wasn't able to attend Church yesterday because she had to attend a wedding, but this coming Sunday, Ln will come to Church and be able to see for herself the truth of the Church of the Lamb. I am so thankful for all the experiences that I have had here in Ghana testifying of the things that i have prayed about and found to be true for myself. 

This week I also reflected on the importance of the Sacrament that we partake of weekly. I feel that so many people take it for granted and don't really understand the sacredness of that Holy Ordinance. I can back that statement up with what President Joseph Fielding Smith stated "In my judgment the sacrament meeting is the most sacred, the most holy, of all the meetings of the Church."  I personally think that if all members of the Church understood that, well I think Sundays would have a little bit different feel when we walk into the Chapel, maybe our hearts would be more focused on the Atonement and the Savior's and our Heavenly Father's love for us. I pray that everyone will be able to make their Sacrament meetings to be special and sacred for themselves as we all repent of our sins, and take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ, and strive more fully to follow in His footsteps and follow His Commandments. 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!
Elder Porritt

The Yeboah fam in Techiman!!

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