Monday, November 16, 2015


Hello there everyone!!!
Well this week was really slow.  Elder Snow was pretty sick from Wednesday-Saturday so we didnt even go out most of the week.. even if we would have went out, it would have been hard for us to compete with the crusade that went down this week...
I have never ever seen anything so ridiculous in my life as what I saw with that crusade.  There was well over 10,000 people that gathered in the park and on the streets and just everywhere around that place and holy cow it was stupid.  we went down there on Thursday night to see the scene and I got a pretty good video of it all going down but the video is too big to send home.  The people just yelling hallelujah and jumping up and down. wowzer it was a site to see. I sent a picture of the sign they have had around town for a few months.  It is pretty comical haha!
We only taught one lesson this week.. So that was pretty crappy, we just were in the apartment all week because of the sickness.. but we are really ready and excited for this week. We are excited to see who we can find and bring closer to our Heavenly Father!!
The one thing that was awesome that happened this week was this.  Ghana is cool because when original baseball, football, basketball jerseys are made for Americans, a lot of times there are factory mistakes on jerseys and they cant sell those jerseys online or in American stores so they send them to these African countries like Ghana and they send them for free and the people here can get them for free and sell them for however much they want. so get this.  Nolan Ryan, Cooperstown Jersey. Houston Astros, #34, 25 cedis which is the equivalent of about 6 US dollars.  If you find a nolan ryan cooperstown jersey in america for under 100 dollars you let me know hahaha I got this thing for 6 bucks and it is sweet!! I know he played most of his time with the Rangers but he did play with the Astros for a while and this jersey is awesome!!! I am so excited about it.  Elder Snow also found a Chauncey Billups and Tracy McGrady jersey both are New York Knicks jerseys haha so that was a pretty cool part of this week!!
Well that is all that happened this week, I know its not much but it was hard because we didn't really get out of the apartment much.  I hope all is going well for all of you back home.  I love you all so much!! I know the Book of Mormon is true and I would encourage you all back home to read every single day from it.  It will help you no matter where you are in life.  I know that is true. 
Elder Porritt

Here is the description of the Crusade... very interesting. these signs are literally everywhere.

view from behind.. during the night this place was packed with at least 12 thousand people... maybe more... it was unreal.

Us and Mobby just acting cool

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