Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Halloween from GH!

Happy Halloween from GH!!
I hear it has been really cold back home which stinks!! But it has been really really cold here too.. I think the low this week was 90 with about 80% humidity haha.. It is toasty around these parts now.  And you all know how much i sweat.. Every day when we get back to the apartment its about as if i jumped into a swimming pool haha!!
Anyway wow it was a really hard week.. I actually got sick Thursday and couldn't even get up out of bed because i was so sore..  I pretty much slept the entire day.. Other than that just this week I don't know why but people dont want to see us for some reason.. every time we try and go see people they are either not home or they are too busy or they have some excuse and don't want to talk and man.. It is hard.. It is hard to have patience because I know we have the truth and i want them to be able to have the truth as well but they are too busy for some reason.. Plus another great thing is called Market Day.  If its market day, 90% of the whole city goes to the market because people sell their stuff for cheaper on market day. So guess what day market day is? Wednesday. And Thursday. and Friday.  Soooo that is about the crappiest thing ever because those three days it seems like a ghost town around here..
Halloween was surely the bright spot for the week! and you will get the description of what we did in my pictures!! WHOOOO!!  But it just so happened that on the morning of halloween elder Snow found a spider that was about 3 inches wide with its legs out.. sounds small but you go grab a ruler and see if you want that spider on the wall a foot from your face then decide what you would have done if you would have seen it hahaha!!
We have been studying the Twi book of Mormon because why not!! We actually speak a little Twi because the people here like to see if we can speak and they wont speak English with us so that is for sure a trial for me because right now i know about 20 words in the Twi language..
So you remember D and J? well they are progressing but they haven't came to church so its struggling a tiny bit.. They love everything we teach them and they accept everything and they really really want to be baptized but we cant actually baptize them until they have been to church three times and they have only came once so we really need them to come or else we wont be able to baptize them! Other than them, we have nobody progressing which is so dang hard.. Elder Snow says that Techiman is probably the hardest zone in the entire mission and if i can get through it here and have a good attitude then when I leave Techiman, the numbers and the teaching and everything will get better! But I really love Techiman even though it is tough for teaching.. I just want people to have the truth..

I know this Gospel is the truth.  I know that it was restored through Joseph Smith.  I know that Jesus Christ gave his perfect life for us.  He suffered every single pain that has ever been felt and he died for us.  I hope you all can think about what that really means.  Think about what he actually did for YOU! He loves you! and I love you all too!! I hope all is going well for you all!! Have such an awesome week!!

Love Elder Porritt
 Halloween costume #1 -Futbolers.  My team was Asante Kotoko Which is a Ghana professional team. Their mascot is the Porcupine!!

 Costume #2 - We dressed up as missionaries!! hahaha solid picture here for sure!!

 Pictures of my favorite boys in this whole country!!!!

These two are the biggest studs ever!!  They are the coolest kids on the Block!!


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