Monday, December 19, 2016

Eating me some Pig Heart!

Well hello to all of you, and a happy holidays to all of you as well.

This week was another good one for teaching and serving and testifying of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We didn’t have much success
this week, as far as people coming to Church, nobody of our investigators came. But we are still working hard to continue teaching them and helping to resolve their concerns.

Unfortunately I don’t have a ton to tell about this week.  but the highlights of the week come in the pictures, first of all one day while walking a new route in our area, we came across a nice river, and we had walked about 15 minutes into the bush and couldn’t walk back the way we came or we would have wasted a ton of time, so well, we crossed. It was nice, in the picture the water looks really clear but when we were in, it was like alligator water hahah, nice and murky, sweet experience.

Next, one of our members family butchered a pig, and we ate with them. It was SWEET!! (Pig heart tastes awful by the way)

The highlight of the week came on Saturday when I got to go on exchange with my guy, Elder Stirling. We had a wonderful day, and taught some really powerful lessons, I was mainly really glad to see his wonderful way of teaching and testifying to these people. He is such a powerful missionary! We had a sweet time together, and I was glad to learn a few things from him. It just goes to show that as a missionary, it doesn’t matter how long you have been on mission, you can always learn things from other missionaries.

And last, I finally got a haircut, it’s been a long time since I rocked the bowl cut so we thought it was fitting... haha

I know that God lives and loves us, He is willing to forgive our mistakes and sins. I know he forgives us when we come unto Him for that forgiveness. I hope all of you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Continue serving people around you and lighting the world. I love you all,

Elder Hunter Kenneth Porritt
scripture of the week: 3 Nephi 9:13-14


Me and Elder Stirling

Rockin the Bowl Cut!

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