Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Our 2nd Son, Elder Antwi

Here are some pictures that our son, Elder Antwi sent to us.  Here is his letter to us this week also:

Hello daddy,this week am doing great and am feeling good everyday and I will soon go back and continue my mission.Daddy I know you are doing fine?
Daddy I like the camera you bought for me very much,so I promise that I will take good care of my camera well and I know oneday I will come to Utah and I will show you the camera and the pics on it,and also I want my children to know somthing about this camera so I need to keep it well so that I can show it to them  in future.
Daddy I  will back up all the pictures on the flash drive so that it can be save for me, I will  tell you  if am having any problem of  backing up of the pictures on the flash drive.And also I used to go out with the missionaries here in Agona,so I will also ask Elder Yates to help me too.

Daddy am very excited that the family went to that wondeful meeting,the Halladays are great people and I will never forget them in my life.
Daddy I like everything in the package and my former compaion has send me message that he also like his package.One thing I like in the package is the family picture and the letter and am going to keep it well.Daddy tell baby Jaycie that  Elder ANTWI  loves her and I will pray for her everyday.
Daddy there was no room for  Jesus when he was born,there was no room for His message when He was on earth but HE has promised as that when we prepare a room for Him in our heart  we will feel joy in our heart and celebrating His birth is for us to prepare a room for HIM  and I know one day He will come back again and we will all meet HIM with His glory,so I know will enjoy this Christmas.
So we have one family that we went there to share the gospel with them and we rendered service to them and planning to go to their farm to harvest their maize for them and and I  have some people need to go to visit them and render service to them in various home,because I need to show the light everywhere.

Elder Antwi and Yates with this Special Family

Elder Antwi took these pictures with his new camera.

 Elder Antwi is an AGGIE TOO!!!

 Three of some of the best Missionaries in Ghana, Elder and Sister Wardle and our son Elder Elvis Antwi.  We love them so much!

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