Monday, October 19, 2015

More about Ghana

Hello from Ghana!!!
It was a quick week here. It feels like I just talked to everyone yesterday but sure enough its been a whole week.. Weird.
Anyway a little more about Ghana.
I am serving in the Dwumoh Branch and here in Techiman I think there are 5 or 6 branches but it is a huge city so me and Elder Snow have A LOT of area to cover.  The weather is basically the same every day here.  We wake up and its cloudy and smoggy, by the time we leave the appartment, its like 90 with 90-100 percent humidity so that is nice for me since i do so well in the heat... and by the time we get back to the appartment for the night the lightning and thunder is rolling in.  There hasn't been a night this whole week where we havent seen lightning so that is fun!! It makes for fun lightning watching.
There is hardly any laws for drivers here.  People drive wherever they want.  on the sidewalk, on the other side of the road if nobody else is coming, they do what they got to do.  it also seems like there is an infinite amount of taxi drivers here.  The traffic is unreal just because of how many taxis and trucks are on the road.  A lot of people also have bikes and mo-peds so they can get around all the cars.  So the taxis and the bikes riding wherever they want, you better watch out.  I have already been close to being hit by taxis twice but I am getting better at when to cross the street hahaha. 
A lot of people here have ping pong tables outside and the kids are outside all the time playing on them so Saturday I finally played ping pong again and I whooped this kid who was like 12 years old.  I was going easy on him before we started keeping score and then he said okay game to 21 so i was like okay you are on!! I beat him 21-9.  Gotta love a good game of ping pong.

Another interesting thing about Ghana is the amount of churches here.  On our road alone there is our church, and 5 others. Our road is only 1/4 mile long... If you walk down a normal street here you will most likely come across at least 5 or 6 churches.  sometimes up to 10 or so.  It seems like everyone we see is a pastor.
And OH BOY a good story about a pastor.  So Elder Snow and I were walking to a members house to have dinner and a guy in a nice truck pulled up to us and stopped us and his first words were, and I quote "You are the people who think Joseph Smith is the Savior right?"  Oh man when he said that I about fell on the ground and I didnt know how to respond because the question took me by such a surprise!!  But Elder Snow said No Jesus Christ is the Savior.  Elder Snow knows his bible very well and I believe he could bible bash with the best of them.  He was throwin out scriptures like a mad man with that pastor but eventually we just walked away.  It was quite the experience.
So the people who I am so excited about.  Our 3 new investigators.  D, J, and D.  The three of them are going to high school here in techiman.  They play basketball and they just happened to show up at Sacrament last week.  We have met with them twice but right now J has Malaria so we are hoping he gets better quickly but they are so awesome!!  They are seriously so prepared for the Gospel!!  They have accepted every challenge we have given them and they are keeping their commitments with us with reading and praying.  I really feel that they will be baptized . They are so prepared and they are accepting everything.  They love the lessons with us and want to meet all the time.  Their baptismal date is November 8th I believe and I really believe that all three of them will be ready by that time and they will be baptized!!  I love to see people who are eager to learn about the Gospel.

A highlight of this week:  2 people told me that they like the name Porritt so much that they are going to name their next son Porritt. When I heard that i laughed but Elder Snow said later that they are 100% Serious.  So hey I guess some kid in 5 years might be named Porritt!!
Well That is about it for me for the week. It was a good week and I hope all is going well for everybody back home!! I love this Gospel so much and I want you all to know that it is the Truth.  Joseph Smith restored it back onto the Earth and Thomas S. Monson is at the head right now.  He receives revelation from our Heavenly Father and We need to listen to our prophet's voice. he knows what we need!  I love you all.
Have an amazing Week!!
Elder Porritt

Elder Snow, Elder A from Ghana, me, Elder A from Ghana

A nice Ghanaian sunset with a bike-bus haha

Ping Pong

 Our Chapel

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