Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Learning Twi

Hello Family!!

It has been a definite up and down week.  From Tuesday to Friday we have had something very interesting right by our appartment.  There was a Crusade.  Thousands and Thousands of people every one of those nights gathered in a park about a half mile from our appartment and there were preachers there and just a lot of screaming and yelling and hallelujah's... It was no bueno.  And a few of our investigators were going so that is definitely not good either.  But thankfully it got done Friday.  Unfortunately there is another one coming up the second week of November so that is going to stink..

Tuesday the AP's (assistants to the President) came to our zone and gave us a little motivational talk.  Apparently before and during the time I have been here there has been a lot of disappointment here in Techiman because the people here arent really serious about the gospel.  But their talk was amazing and they talked about a mormon message from President Hinkley's talk Titled 'You never know' So you all might want to go watch that and think about what it is talking about.  Apply what it is saying and teaching to your lives and it will make your lives better and bring more joy to your lives and eliminate some of the disappointment that will always come.  It has such a great message!

On Wednesday me and Elder Snow travelled to Kumasi to the mission home for a mid training counsel.  We took the trotro's.  Tros are like a really big van where they just cram as many people in as they can and it is not fun.  There is no leg room and it stinks and it is just a pain hahaha but it is the cheapest and fastest way around Ghana!

But if you want to know what a Ghanaian sounds like when they talk go look up Elder Edward Dube's talk.  He is from the Quorom of the 70. That is the closest to a Ghanaian I have heard.  The people here talk faster and are still harder to understand but I will tell you what, this is not a English speaking mission haha people here dont want to speak English.  They want to speak Twi.  So my Twi is coming small by small.  It has been a struggle because Twi is nothing at all like English and it is really hard to learn..

On Thursday I went on a companion exchange with one of our zone leaderss, Elder Zulu who is from South Africa!! He is so awesome!! and I had a great day teaching with him!! other than that day, this week was really really slow with teaching.. it seems like nobody we talk to is serious right now.. D and J are still progressing fine and I think they will be baptized sometime in November so I am excited for that!!
I hope everything is going good back home!! I pray for you all every day! I love you all so much!
Elder Porritt

Elder Zulu and I on our Exchange
 As you can see, our frying pan isn't doing so well.
 Pounding Fufu!!

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