Monday, October 5, 2015


3h t3 s3n?
Hola Fam!!
How are You??
Well it has been an eventful first week to say thee very least.
I have been assigned to the Techiman Zone.  Techiman is about 3 hours north of Kumasi.  And it is in the middle of nowhere because its just a bunch of bush up here but i will tell you Techiman is pretty huge.  We have done A LOT of walking because we are both new to this area and the Elders before us didnt leave a ton of discription so we are just learning it little by little.
My companion is Elder Snow from Syracuse, UT.  Gotta love the home town Utah boys roaming around.  We literally are the only white people in this city.  Its great haha!!  Anyway he is a really awesome trainer so far!  He likes sports a lot so we definitely get along.  He is going to try and walk on to USU's football team when he gets home!  He has been serving for 1 year and 1 month so he is on the downhill but he is an awesome guy and I have loved every second so far!!  He is a rubix cube master and he has taught me all the tricks and I am getting pretty good now!! 

We have walked so much that we had to stay at the appt after church because my feet were in bad shape from just getting used to my shoes.. My ankle and my arches in my feet are no bueno right now but im getting better!
We taught a few lessons but really not much has happened this week.. We had 3 people commit to come to church and 0 came.. We have committed a man named Salasi to baptism on October 1 so hopefully we can keep him going!!
We handwashed our laundry today... WOW... it was a different experience for sure.  I think im going to buy a cheap washing machine here and then use it and sell it at the end of my mission.  So that will be nice.  Elder Snow has one and it makes it easier for sure so Im getting one because even with one little washing machine we still did most the washing by hand because the machine is small and we have so much laundry haha.
Anyway I am off to see the Wizard.  We are going to go get some food.  Which reminds me... The food here isnt my fav so far.  Everything is like impossible to swallow and if you chew it it'll make you throw up sooooo haha not grand.  i have had a lot of Indomie (top ramen)
I hope you all have a great week!!
I Love you!!
Elder Porritt
Me and Elder Snow

"Laundry Day" Can you tell which one is mine?

Our DJ Piano. Looks like the power is out already.

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