Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sweet 19!!

Well goodness how the heck did I just turn 19................ I feel like I can't possibly be that old but i guess i am hahaha;)

This week was pretty good! I got better from my sickness (thank goodness) but then on Wednesday we travelled to Sunyani which is about an hour east of Techiman for a special training from President Cosgrave which was sooooo amazing!!! We talked about having faith and diligence on our missions and in our lives and that was surely an awesome thing to have a training on! I always love hearing from President Cosgrave! That guy is super powerful and I know he helps me so much all the time here! The thing that really stuck out to me was a video we watched at the training that was a 1-2 tag team knockout of the century from President Eyring and Elder Holland on why a mission isn't supposed to be easy.  HOLY COW that was like the most powerful thing that I have ever watched in my entire life.  If you get a chance to look for it and watch it, I think it was titled Missionary Work and the Atonement, if you search that on google you will find it, it was 10-11 minutes of straight awesomeness. It applies to more than just being a missionary though, it applies to your life. I know it does.

Unfortunately this week, the baptism with Aw didn't happen.. But we are really hoping and praying that he will continue to want to learn more and keep coming to church and want to be baptized.  I really am hoping that this week will be the week for him because this transfer ends on Sunday and Elder Snow and I both think that one of us will be transferred, so I am just hoping and praying that us two will at least have 1 baptism together..

One other thing that was strange this week started last Monday night, i broke out my blanket that i brought for the first time since I've been in Ghana. I know I told mom and dad that i would never use it, and I even told Elder Snow the same thing like my first week out, cause its so dang hot in Ghana but let me tell you I am glad I brought it, because I have been getting SOOO COLD at night and man if i didn't have that blanket i may have died hahah;)

Today was for sure one of the most memorable birthdays i have ever had and ever will have!! It started last night, when Elder Snow and I just stayed up til Midnight so I could open my presents (packages) from home!! Then this morning we just did the normal P day stuff, washed our clothes, cleaned our room up, cleaned the bathroom, all that good stuff. Then we went to a hotel and had PIZZA!!! woooooo!!! It was so awesome!! Except it wasn't at all anywhere close to a cheap meal haha, but it was soooo good!! us and the Zone Leaders went there and totally enjoyed!! it was nice! And now we are here emailing and just getting everyone's letters and happy birthday wishes was just amazing:)

I truly do love all of you so much and I am thankful for all of your examples in my life!! I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the ONLY true church on the face of this Earth. I know that our Heavenly Father has an amazing plan for us and he truly wants us to be happy. He hears our prayers, and I know and I promise that he answers them.  I know that He sent His son, Jesus Christ to live a perfect life, set the perfect example for us, establish the true church on the Earth, and then offer Himself as a sacrifice for us, that we are able to put off the natural man, to put off sin, and to  repent of our sins, and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, be able to be cleansed from those sins. We truly will be forgiven of our sins if we truly repent of our sins. I hope all of you can keep developing your faith in these things, for they truly are the most important things for us in our lives. I know that Families are Forever!!! We lost one of the best men that I have ever met in my life this week, and I know that Great Grandpa is with all of us, helping us out in our lives, loving us, and I know that we will see him again!!!

I love you all, have a great week!!
Elder Hunter Kenneth Porritt

Typical farmer right here with all the stuff he is taking home strapped on the bike.

 Spaghetti and garlic bread last night. Call me a chef?

 Sooo Excited for my Birthday!!

 The good ol 'clothes reaction, even though this was the best

shirt that has ever been created.

My New Amazingly Beautiful Shirt 

This one is for you Mom:)

 Pizza in GH!!

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