Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Brother Zion

Hello everyone!!
This week was a real sweet one that is for sure. Mainly just a lot of teaching and testifying of the Gospel and the Savior Jesus Christ,
cause that is what we do!

But for real this week was a good one. Unfortunately Sister Emelia wasn’t able to make it to church yesterday but we had one guy that we are really really excited about, his name is Br. Ibrahim, for him, his family is all Muslim, and about 40 years ago, he was going to church at Christian churches, trying to find our which one was right, but he ended with the Pentecost Church, and because of the way they interpret the gift of tongues, and how they 'speak tongues' at church, it drove him from Christianity, and I don’t blame him, if that was the church I
went to, I might not believe either...  But so when that happened, he went to join his family in Islam, now for about 40 years or so, he has been Muslim and not really knowing what was true, but we were taken to him by a member who is his friend, and just getting to know the guy, he really knows the Bible very very well, the only problem he had with Christianity was the gift of tongues and the doctrine behind 'the trinity' which are both falsely interpreted here in Ghana very badly. Well we explained those minor things to him and he told us that he would come to church on Sunday, so we were really hoping.

So Sunday comes, and we called him, but no answer, so we were a little sad when we didn’t see him at all during Sacrament meeting, but when Priesthood meeting came, he walked in and he seemed way happy to be
there. After Church there was a baptism for the other companionship in our Branch and we sang Hymn 44 as the opening song, and Ibrahim's Christian name is Zion. (some Muslims will also have a Christian and a Muslim name.) So when we were singing that, this guy was about to jump out of his seat, he was so excited and had a huge smile on his face, and after the baptism, he told Elder Bbosa and I that he didn’t want to wait for September 25 (that is his baptismal date) but that he wants to be baptized sooner, we told him no problem, then Sunday night came around and we got a txt message that was in all caps that said "ELDER PORRITT, I NEED TO BUY A BOOK OF MORMON FROM YOU NOW, THIS IS BRO ZION"  Oh man when I saw that, we were in the apartment having dinner and me and my companion were laughing so hard, but at the same time we were rejoicing cause this guy truly has been prepared and he is ready. Even today we will be going to see him, so next week I’ll give more updates on him. He was our main event this week, nothing too exciting other than that happened.

This week we have MLC again in Kumasi so we will be travelling tomorrow so that will be a good time for sure! I love going to Kumasi for meetings cause I get to see all my good friends here on Mission.

I love you all and hope that this week is a sweet one for you! If I could suggest you do anything, read Ether chapter 2 and verse 14-15 and see what happens if we don’t pray... now of course, the Lord probably won’t come down and chastise us for 3 hours, but it’s just as bad if we don’t pray than it was for the Brother of Jared.

I love you all,
Elder Hunter Kenneth Porritt

All are pictures that we took at (or on) our chapel on Sunday, haha

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  1. I enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you for serving the lord and keeping us updated. I laughed when I read someone wanted to buy a book of morman. Too funny! Keep on doing great things or as Grandpa Jones (bear) always said.. Carry on, Carry on... Take care! Jennifer