Monday, September 5, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello everyone!

This week was a cool week, but it was somehow different than other weeks that I have had on my mission so far.. the reason is that we
were crazy busy with meetings and stuff this week. Tuesday, we had District council like every normal Tuesday, but since last Monday the internet wasn’t working, we had to go to the cafe and email, and send supplies orders for our zone since we had MLC this week. Then Wednesday morning, we had to go to the 2 sister's apartments in our zone and fill their gas tanks (propane) cause the mission has the zone leaders do that for them, don’t know why.. but did that, and then went to Kumasi for MLC.

Before Kumasi, there was some big news because we had a new AP called this week, well our new AP is my guy Elder Hill!!! hahah it’s so crazy that he is AP now but I honestly wasn’t surprised when I found out, the new zone leader called is actually my former companion though, Elder Motloung from South Africa. Kumasi was sweet though, Wednesday night, we met with the Techiman Zone leaders and went to KFC and enjoyed, then went to the mission home and stayed over the night, then Thursday Leadership Council was amazing. I forgot my notes today cause I was going to share some of the things that I loved, but as I said, I forgot.... sorry.

Well Thursday night after the Council, we went out with some of my TC's (the guys I came on mission with at the same time) and we went out to celebrate our 1 year mark (yeah that is weird but its two weeks away..) since I won’t be in Kumasi with them again for who knows how long to do that, so we went and got a nice pizza and had a lot of fun!! It was nice, but I forgot my SD reader today so I can’t send pictures..

Friday morning we returned to Nkawkaw, and then we had a training on creating baptismal records with our branches so we can be able to get people's membership record number quicker so they can go to the temple quicker and have no confusion about all the paperwork. 
So one of the highlights of the week is definitely Brother Ibrahim (Zion). Unfortunately again sister Emelia didn’t come to church cause her sister got married on Saturday and they all went with the family to church that Sunday, that is like a tradition here in Ghana that they do, but with Ibrahim, yeah things are cool! Way cool. We went there to learn with him twice this week, and the two lessons were about 1. the Book of Mormon, and 2. the plan of salvation. Needless to say that both lessons were absolutely amazing and the guy is so humble to learn and open to what we teach. On Tuesday we gave him a Book of Mormon, and on Saturday when we came again, he went on for about 15 minutes describing to us all the things that he read(which was A LOT) he had read the introduction, the testimonies of the three and eight, and of Joseph Smith, and he had been going through the pictures in the front, and he saw the one of Jesus Christ coming to the Nephites and
he said "well ya know I didn’t even know that Jesus Christ came to America, and it’s a good thing I have this book now so that I can read what he did there."  when he said that I was like yeah well that is why we came haha! The guy is just so amazing and yesterday he showed up to church on time and he is so excited about everything and he said that he doesn’t want to wait at all to get baptized, but we still have to teach him all the lessons before we can get him in the water haha. He is really an amazing guy.

Well that is how this week went. If I could give you a suggestion to read or listen to, it would be a talk called 'what lack I yet' by Elder Larry Lawrence given a year or so ago in conference. We watched it at the mission home before MLC and it was very very moving. I know that this work is true and I’m thankful to be an instrument in my Heavenly Father's hands. I love you all and hope the best for this week!!

Elder Hunter Kenneth Porritt

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