Monday, August 1, 2016

New Calling for Elder Porritt

Good afternoon everyone! This week was another great one here in the good old Ghana Kumasi mission. We had some great progress with some of our investigators this week, but we also got some big news on Friday as well. 

First of all, this week we have been seeing really big progress with a few people, the first being Brother Frank. He sells credit here and he is a way sweet guy, we started teaching him about 2 weeks ago, last week he came to church and then this week we just had some way awesome lessons with him and things are going really well, he is so excited about the Church, he has been reading the Book of Mormon and even got a Liahona from Elder Halladay, our branch president, and has been reading a lot.  He is ready to become a member seriously, even went and bought a few white shirts and ties to wear. This is one of the most serious investigators that i have had on my mission so far. He will surely be baptized in a few weeks. 

Also another big progress is Sister Linda and Sister Deborah, who are like cousins or something, people here just call each other sisters but they aren't like blood sisters.  But we are teaching them and also another sister Patience with them, and they are all progressing very well, they have been coming to church, they are amazing! They also along with Frank will be baptized in the next few weeks.  Now we are having a lot of progress here in Agona, even I believe that this area will have 7+ baptisms in August, but due to the news that we received Friday, I won't be here to enjoy those baptisms, but i will still look forward to them.

The news that we received was crazy! Friday morning, another missionary called me and told me that he had heard that I had been called as a Zone Leader, but I told him that i had no idea about any of that. When that happened though, it made me wonder if he actually knew or what the crap that was.. But throughout the day Friday I got about 5 or 6 phone calls from other missionaries who were asking me if it was true that I had been called as a Zone Leader. And then Friday night, I got a call from President Cosgrave confirming that rumor that was going around. I will be going to the Konongo Zone, to be a Zone Leader. My new area is called Nkawkaw (pronounced N-cocoa) and my companion will be Elder Bbosa who is from Uganda i believe. I am really excited about this opportunity to serve, and I know that this will be a great time of my mission. I am currently in Kumasi, I have already had to say goodbye to all my peeps in Agona which was really hard... But tomorrow we will be going to the mission home for the training for Zone Leaders and also for District Leaders because Elder Adjei will be the new District Leader in Agona. 

I hope all is well for all of you back home and out on mission. I love you all. I know that we are led by a true and living prophet on the earth today and if we follow his counsel, we cannot go astray. 

Love Elder Porritt

 yeah duct tape fixes anything

Deborah... She is making me look tall...

Deborah and Linda and some of the kids in their family

 Stone (left) and Frank (right)

Momzoza:) my other mom!!

My guy Elvis 

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