Monday, July 25, 2016

Decisions Determine Destiny

Well first of all, Happy 24th of July to everyone!! I always loved Pioneer day back home to celebrate good old Utah and to have a fun day!! I hope all of you have been able to have a great 24th!!

For me, things are going good here in GKM, It it still hot every day but this last week it has rained like crazy, and when it rains here, its not like at home where sometimes it just rains for a little while and its not that heavy, here it is insanely heavy rain and its usually for a good amount of time. I love the rainstorms here. 

This week was mainly full of teaching, we do have a few people who are getting serious and coming to church now, we have been struggling to get anyone to come to church the last few weeks but this week we had a few people come, Brother Phillip, who is part of a big family that we are teaching, most of the family members weren't able to come though cause they were busy. But they will certainly come next week, there is about 7 or 8 in the family that we are teaching so we are really hoping that they will progress. But This week we were  able to have the confirmation for Sister Cynthia which was great as well! So things are going good for Agona right now. 

Another great thing that happened this week was that one of the members here in Agona, Brother Elvis Antwi got his mission call and he will be serving in the Nigeria, Benin City Mission. He leaves in one month exactly. Elvis has been through a lot and has really gained a STRONG testimony of the Church, the Restoration, and the Gospel, and I have enjoyed serving here with him in the Branch, and I know that he has taught me a lot. 

I hope all is well for everyone, there is one thing that i want to share with you all, and it came from us listening to President Monson's talk again from this last may, the thing that he said that i want to share with you is 'decisions determine destiny' and that is a very special declaration cause it is true, the decisions you make yesterday, today and tomorrow will determine your future life, future family, future everything, so make sure your decisions today are good ones cause they will affect more than just you right now. 

I love you all.
Elder Hunter Kenneth Porritt

Here are some pictures of Elvis opening his mission call and reading it in front of the Branch.  Elvis is a special young man and has become "Elder Porritt's Brother".  We, Elder Porritt's family, love Elvis too.

 Elder Porritt and Elvis

 yeah found a lady who has real mtn dew... best thing of the week hahahahah

The young guns of Agona. The best future missionaries in the world right here. These guys would have smoked me in Book of Mormon trivia when i was their age 

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