Monday, September 19, 2016

Show Charity to Those Around You

Dear Family,

This week was pretty cool. I hit my year mark, so that's kinda weird..
time is seriously flying. but haha anyway Wednesday was transfer day
so we made the trip with our departing zone members to Kumasi to get
them to the big bus station where all of the missionaries meet for
transfers.  We got the leaving ones off and got the new ones coming
and we came back to good ol’ Nkawkaw. As i said last week, Elder Bbosa
and I are staying together, we only had one change in our apartment,
we lost one guy, Elder Djedje from Ivory Cost and got Elder Precious
from Nigeria who actually was trained by Elder Bbosa so that is cool
for them to be back together in the apartment.

As far as teaching, this week, we are having some good progress with
two investigators. Obviously you have heard about the first one,
Ibrahim, well as for him, he is loving the Gospel more than any person
i have taught so far here in Ghana. He is so willing to follow the
teachings of Jesus Christ. And he is so anxious to get baptized! On
Saturday we went to his house and we were actually planning on doing
his interview Saturday evening so he could be baptized yesterday but
he told us that their tribe’s chief died so they were having a huge
meeting that him an his family had to attend or something so he
wouldn't be able to come to church, so he was seriously like begging us
to do the baptism on Sunday evening, but we explained why we wouldn't
be able to do that, and he finally accepted next week for his baptism,
so we are really looking forward to that next Saturday or Sunday.

The other progress is Sister Stella that we began teaching two weeks
ago, but she travelled to Kumasi the day after we went and taught her
and just returned on Thursday i believe, we saw her on Saturday and
taught her about the Book of Mormon and she was really touched and
excited that there was an evidence that she could read that proves
that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Well she also came to church
yesterday. For her things are going to work out really great, cause
she was previously going to a one man church (that is basically an
apostate church where they just speak in tongues(babbling) or do crazy
miracles) and she didn't go very often anyway, well she also lives next
door to our Elders Quorom President bro. Maxwell and his wife Rita,
who were baptized somehow recently, and they are great friends, so I
know for sure that Stella already has a great fellowship right by her
so she will certainly come. So those are our two really great
progresses for this week.

That is about all that happened for this week, although i do want to
share with you something that i studied that really had a big impact
on me. This week i was studying a lot about Charity in the scriptures,
and some really really powerful scriptures stood out to me, mainly
Luke 6:27-35, Moroni 7, and all three chapters of John 13-15. I hope
you read these and understand why they are so powerful and relate them
to Mormon's comments on Charity in Moroni chapter 7 from about 45 or
46 going there. I can truly say that i understand that Charity is one
of the most important things that we can have in this life. I hope
that we can all 'pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart,
that we might be filled with this love' so that we can love our fellow
men, we can love God, and we can even love and pray for our enemies
and those who hate us. Loving people may not be easy sometimes but it
truly is a commandment as said by our Savior in Matthew 22:34-40.  I
promise you that if you read these things and understand them, and
truly PRAY unto our Heavenly Father for his love to be a part of us,
then you will become more like Jesus Christ as you go out and show
that Charity to those people around you. Go and do service, go and
visit a friend, a widow, an old couple in your ward, go and do
something good for someone. That is how we can be more like the Savior
and have his love in your life.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week this week!!
Love Elder Hunter Kenneth Porritt

Hump Day Care Package From Mom

 Hit my year mark and my stuff is somehow getting beat hahah... gotta love mission!!

 My Pillow!

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