Monday, March 6, 2017

Ghana's Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!! That is, if you are in or from Ghana. March 6 is Ghana's Independence Day and today she turns a grand old 60 Years Old. So happy birthday to Ghana!!

Well this week was another quick one, it seems like they are going by faster and faster every week, I just feel like time needs to slow down a little bit.. It is going so fast that I honestly cant remember what happened on a few of the days, it seems like they are just blending together.. Anyway, last week I told you small about how this week would probably go with the whole transfer week thing, well it went exactly like I said. Tuesday, we took 7 missionaries to the airport to catch their flights to Accra and go home, then a few hours later that day, we picked up 7 new missionaries who were just coming from the MTC in Accra. Pretty funny trade going on there.. The new missionaries are always so awesome to be around, they are so strong and ready to get into the work coming from the MTC!! We had the privilege to do a bunch of training with President Cosgrave on Tuesday and Wednesday for all sorts of things. It was a very stressful, but very fun two days on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday we got to teach one guy who we have been meeting a few times lately, his name is Bky, and he works in the giant market here in Kumasi, he sells football jerseys and that is actually how we met him 2 weeks ago when we were trying to buy a jersey. That day, he asked us about the Church we were from and we told him just a little bit because we were in a hurry that day, but we came back a few times and we had been talking with him about the Book of Mormon a lot. He has been reading a lot from it and always has a lot of questions when we go and visit him, but he has been struggling getting passed a few things. The problem is that so many people here see the very nice chapels that the Church builds and they think that it may be a nice place to go to church, but they don't even understand or pay attention to why they would be going to Church. Well Bky is very interested in coming to the Church, he says, because the buildings are nice, and the people are nice, but he has some really confused doctrines in his head, and we are just trying to help him fix that. The biggest problem is prayer because so many people just simply don't pray about the message that we are out sharing. That makes our work really hard haha.. If only everyone would just kneel down and ask God if what we were sharing with them was true, then we would be baptizing hundreds of people out here..  Anyway Bky is such a great guy, we are just trying to help him realize the importance of praying to know if the message is true so that he can leave his Church and come to the only true church that exists haha.

Another awesome part of the week was going on exchanges again, where this week we actually went to Agona, my previous area, and I got to meet and talk with a lot of my converts and good friends there!! That was such an amazing experience. During that time on Saturday, I was with Elder Ridell (Sweden) and Elder Addo (Ghana) and we had such a wonderful day! The joy that this missionary work brings is so amazing. There is nothing quite like it. I can truly testify that our joy will be filled as we also go forth and try and live our lives like Christ lived. He is our perfect Example.

I hope you all have a sweet week!
Love Elder Porritt

sorry my camera hasn't been finding his way out lately... i'll try and take more pictures, but this is the new missionaries that came this week in the background of a classic picture looking at the sun... haha

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