Monday, March 20, 2017

I Seriously Love Being Here!

Well another week for the books here in Daban.  Another crazy one, running around all over the place and conferences as usual! The work here is so fun, yet so stressful and tiring! But that is such an awesome experience and I have seriously loved being here. To top it off, today we had a huge multi zone sports activity playing football (soccer), football (American football), and basketball and we were running around playing for around 4 hours and man, we are so dead tired haha. Plus we got roasted cause the sun finally came out today, its been cloudy here for months but today it was so nice to see some real sun!!

This week we had 2 Zone Conferences, the first one was 2 of the Kumasi Zones on Tuesday, and then the other was one zone outside Kumasi and one zone inside on Thursday. The two conferences went really well, it's always great to get to see a whole bunch of missionaries and have them all gather together for a big meeting like that!
On Thursday afternoon after the 2nd Conference, we packed up and drove out to good old Nkawkaw, which is my previous area and we went on exchange with Elder Nuamah who is my last companion and Elder Nelson! I went with Elder Nelson and we had a great day together, we got to see a few of my great friends there in Nkawkaw, we saw Stella and Ibrahim!! Those were the two who I really wanted to see the most, and we also had a great day proselyting together! Elder Nelson is from Idaho and he is an awesome missionary, plus he has now served in two of the areas I have also served in, he served in my first area in Techiman as well as now in Nkawkaw! We had a great day together!

On Saturday we had a Branch Activity where we were supposed to watch Meet the Mormons, but man... It was a MESS!! First of all, there was only two people setting up. That was Elder Hill and myself. We had to make 4 trips back and forth from our Chapel to town (30 min - hour roundtrip depending on traffic) to get speakers and cords and a guy to fix it all up to make it work. When we got everything to the chapel and set up it was already like 7 and so they only got to watch like 30 minutes of the video before people wanted to start leaving cause it was getting late.. It was a pretty big disappointment but that is what happens when nobody helps out with stuff ha! moral of the story is that two people cant make a Church activity run by themselves...

Well The most awesome part of this week was the progress of our brother Yw! He again was on time to Church yesterday, and by on time i mean he sat down after the opening prayer! This guy is awesome and he is smart, almost too smart! During the Investigator's Class of Sunday School and Elders Quorum Classes, he was asking a whole lot of great questions and giving great contributions as if he has been a member for years! He knows the basics of the Gospel pretty well and he really knows about the Restoration and everything that has been happening with that. Last night, we went to visit him and he told us that for him it was always hard to believe something that he couldn't see, and then he pretty much told us that he believed because of the sacrifice that we as missionaries make to come and serve the Lord.  He said that he couldn't believe that some random person would leave his family, friends, school, country, money, job, just to come and preach the Gospel to people in Africa. He said that he couldn't believe that someone could really honestly tell you that he enjoyed doing that unless he was truly called of God to come and do it.

I know I have been called by my Heavenly Father to come to Ghana at this time, I know that there is nowhere on this earth that needs me more than Ghana needs me right now. I truly enjoy this work, I love going out each day with the focus to help people and serve them and love them!!  I love being a missionary, and I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true Church upon the face of the Earth, and I know that Joseph Smith truly saw God the Father and Jesus Christ, the Son!

I love you all so much!
Elder Porritt

Classic picture with the street King of Ghana. Mobby.

Sweet gate.. too bad it was some nasty tiny dogs, not a tiger..

Classic Ghana

We got whooped by little children 4 on 4 the other day...

Multi Zone Activity

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