Monday, March 13, 2017

AHH, Life is Good in Ghana!

Hello Everyone!
This week was another great one and another quick one. I am sure by now you are probably sick of hearing me start my letters like that, but that is how every single week is right now, every week just goes by faster and faster and every week still is great! We are seriously enjoying the work here in Daban!!

Well as for highlights for the week, we went on a few exchanges and to some different meetings throughout the week, the exchange we did was with our Zone Leaders, and I got to go with Elder Ellet, who came out here at the same time as me, he is the one right next to me in the car picture.. oh yeah about the car picture... just leave it at the fact that we took a few missionaries back to their apartment after a District Council that we visited on Tuesday, we had 8 in our little Corolla... you cant even see one of them who was behind my seat. That was interesting haha, but the exchanges went really well and I was way happy to get to work with Elder Ellet. He is such an awesome missionary!!

Thursday we had Mission Leadership Council and well, to be honest, that was easily the most Spiritual Leadership Council meeting that I have been in since I have been on the Council for like 9 months. Elder Hill and I presented a nice instruction on how to become more effective teachers, and the Spirit was really strong as we taught and instructed, it was such a great meeting!

Oh man we also were so happy on Sunday! One guy who we have been working with now for a while came to church. I'm sorry that i don't give much follow up info to you on a lot of the people that i tell you about, but its because a lot of times, we have really amazing lessons with some people who really seem like they have intent to act on the things that we teach, but a lot of times those people don't end up progressing very well. But the guy who we have been working with, his name is Yw. He has been meeting with missionaries since the dawn of time it seems like. This guy knows the stories of the Book of Mormon better than most members of the Church know them. Well he really has had problems with the Word of Wisdom and other things for such a long time and even still has problems we think, but we have been trying to visit him and get him to come back to church, he accepted a baptismal date, but we have a lot of work to do with him before he can get baptized, that is for sure. He is such an awesome guy though, he showed up right on time Sunday which is pretty impressive. Hopefully with him we really will see some progress in the near future.

Well this week we will have another crazy one, two zone conferences, exchanges, trainings. AHH Life is Good in Ghana!!  I just want to let you all know, that I KNOW that God, Our Father, loves you! He is there. He knows you personally and loves you. I love you too!

I hope you all have a great week!
Elder Porritt

8 in a Corolla? yep...

Sweet view from Kumasi Mission Central!

Coach Wardle!

Working Out with Coach Wardle

 In Ghana, you might have to make the Barbells!

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