Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!!

Dear Fam,

Happy Easter!!! I hope your Easter was a sweet one! As for us, we really had a great Easter weekend, and especially Easter Sunday! Really it was a great week all around, and it was another quick week, that is for sure. Time is going by too fast… 

Well with this week being transfer week, it also brought a whole lot of craziness into the week with all the things that we get to do with the transfers. As I said last week, we were able to have a devotional with the few missionaries who were departing for home, and then Tuesday, we brought them to the Kumasi Airport early in the morning and sent them for Accra for them to get their flights home! After that on Tuesday, we had to be back at the airport at around 1 to pick up the new missionaries who were just coming from the MTC! This transfer, we did something different with the new missionaries that has not been done here in the Ghana Kumasi Mission before, and it went awesome. On the way back to the Mission Home from the airport, we all got down from the cars at a big junction here in our area where there is always a ton of people.  From there, we each split out with 2 of the new missionaries, and we let them go contact people and place a few copies of the Book of Mormon. That was such a great experience to be there with some new missionaries to see the Spirit they have with them! 

Well the rest of Tuesday is just a bunch of orientation with those new missionaries, and then a testimony meeting with them. Then Wednesday comes and that is when the craziness comes on transfer week. Wednesday, we have training and meetings from like 11-5 and so we are super busy, then we got to go and take missionaries to their stations for them to get tros home to their areas.

As far as our investigators go, Yw is doing good, he wants to get baptized so bad but he is still struggling to keep some of the commandments still, so we will hold off with him still, and he didn't come to Church today either, but we also have one new lady, Sister Brn, who we contacted this week and she is actually doing great, she came to church and she loved it!! She was so excited at Church today, so hopefully there will be some progress with her here in the near future as well! 

Well all in all, transfer week is just crazy, but Elder Lindley and I had a sweet week. We are having a blast together! This week though, just as Easter was approaching, I had the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection on my mind quite a bit. I thought a lot about how amazing it is that God would send His eldest son to come to this earth and suffer so great and terrible pains as Christ suffered, and to come here and die for mankind. As I thought on that during the passing of the Sacrament, I felt the Spirit really strongly come into my heart. I am so thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the true peace that it brings to my life. I know that because Jesus resurrected, we too will resurrect, and so will our family members who have gone on before us. That is the sweet truth about this Gospel. 

I love you all, and I pray for you, I hope you have a great week!!
Love Elder Porritt

Last day with Elder Hill, typical picture with him haha!

This was the beautiful sky on Easter Sunday afternoon. God is Wonderful!!

Easter Fufu

Elder Lindley and I

The new crew in Daban, now featuring Elders Lindley, Speakman, Ayim, and myself.

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