Monday, April 10, 2017

A New Companion!

Good evening to you all from GH!!

Well we just finished another departing missionary devotional, and tomorrow morning we will send off another group of missionaries to the airport and pick up another group of fresh missionaries straight from the Ghana MTC. I have a big love/hate feeling with that experience.. I hate it a little bit because every time we send off another group, it seems like time goes faster and the next one is already gone, and its getting so close for it to be our turn.. but on the same side, I love it cause the Spirit is strong as ever with the new missionaries who come right from the MTC. The orientation meetings we have with them, and especially their singing, which usually blows the roof off the mission home, brings the Spirit way strongly!

So yeah transfers are this week, and wellllll Elder Hill is leaving the office and going to train another new missionary! And my new companion is Elder Kyle Lindley from Cache Valley. He graduated the same time as me from Mt. Crest. He is a sweet guy and I am super pumped to be with him, I have served with him for quite a long time since he has been a zone leader for almost a year now, and we have been talking at councils and meetings for quite a long time!! So I am pretty excited for the time that I will get to spend with him!

Well this week, we had Mission Leadership Council on Thursday, and that was when President Cosgrave told Elder Lindley that he would be coming with Elder Hill and I and that he was the new Assistant, so right after the Council, we drove up to Sunyani and spent the night there, and then Friday we spent the day in and around Sunyani visiting all the missionaries in that zone, that was such a great day!! That night we returned and the rest of the weekend we have been working out the plans for traveling for all the missionaries that will be going on transfer this next week.

Great news with Yw, he is doing well still. This week, we didn't get much time to go and visit and teach him, only once on Saturday night late, but he did come to Church on Sunday, he got there right before the Sacrament Hymn, just like he always does hahah! He is seriously such a smart guy, but one thing that we noticed that is holding him back right now is his intelligence.. because he is so smart, that he wants to know EVERYTHING about the Gospel and the Book of Mormon, and the Church, before he says that he knows that its true. We are really struggling with that because at least for me, I know that you don't need to know everything to have a testimony of this work, in fact you don't need to KNOW anything, you just need to believe, and let the seed of faith grow inside you, and the Holy Ghost will testify to your hearts that these things are true. I know by that very power that these things are true.

Well not much to talk about, those were the highlights of the week, it was just a lot of busy work on the computers trying to prepare for Mission Leadership Council, preparing for the transfer, preparing for travel, and even traveling ourselves. Life in Daban is divine!! Haha I love this work though, I am sad to see how fast it is flying by. I would just like to share my personal testimony that Jesus Christ is truly the Prince of Peace. You can find comfort through His Atonement that was performed for you and for me. He was born, lived, died, and rose again, so that you and I could live, enjoy our lives, repent of our sins, and though we will die, we WILL rise again. He is the Master and the Redeemer. I would invite all of you, if you have not already, to go to and watch the Prince of Peace video about the Savior in preparation for this coming Easter Sunday!! Happy Easter a few days in advance!!

I love you all!!
Elder Porritt
Picking up the New Missionaries

 Elder Lindley and I working on transfer travel

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