Monday, September 28, 2015

Some of my homies in the MTC

Me and Elder Kanda who made me the soccer jersey.

Me and Elder O or Elder Onwuegbuchulam.  That is his last name hahah he is from Nigeria and he is the coolest Elder I have met so far!! I wish he was serving in Kumasi but he is serving in Nigeria..  I am going to miss him a ton.. me and him have been brothers here...

Another one with Onwuegbuchulam.  Also pictured is Longman (left), Lierd on the bottom and my companion Morford on the right

Front side of our jerseys!! apparently FC Barcelona is huge in Africa so all the elders were going crazy when we put these on hahahaha

Back side.  looking good

All My district of Helaman

From left to right: Elder Walsh, Elder Wood, Elder Osei-Tutu, Elder Longman, Elder Lierd, Elder Speakman, Elder Sotalbo, Elder me, Elder Morford, Elder Smith.

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