Friday, September 25, 2015

Experiences in the MTC

This is a thought shared with me from Elder Walch's mom.  She clipped this excerpt from his letter today and messaged it to me.  I wanted to share it in Elder Porritt's blog:
In the MTC we learned a lot about the Spirit and its essential role in conversion. Never before have I felt such a sweeter Spirit coming from these Africans. Here is a people who have come here from all over Africa to be a part of something big. Something that they deem bigger than themselves. We had a lesson on a scripture in I think 2nd Nephi that goes something like this:To all those who forsake their family, their wives, their friends, their homes in the service of the Lord,The instructor then looked up and said:"How many of you have sacrificed something to get here?"a vast majority of the Africans raised their hands. The instructor began to cry and read the next part of the verse,"they shall be restored to him an Hundred fold."
I sat there amazed at what happened next. The Africans started to sing the last verse of Come Come ye Saints. These people are so much greater than me. It is an honor to be here among them.

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