Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here's a letter!

Dear Family,

I only have 10 minutes today to email so its going to be short probably but i just wanted to let you know I am doing awesome and I feel amazing!! We just got back from a trip to the temple and it was amazing.

My companion is from Payson and his name is Elder Morford. We have been getting along pretty well.  My district is awesome. We sleep in dorms that hold 6 Elders and there is no air conditioning and i hate sleeping in the heat so i guess that isnt the best but i will live haha.  we love being in class because that is where the air conditioners are is in our classrooms!  The cooks here try and cater to the Americans because they say that we are way picky which is for the most part true hahah. But we have had a lot of rice and chicken and beef and spaghetti. but out in the field it will be a lot different I have been told.  

I feel really good right now.  The Gospel is amazing to learn about and it makes me so happy to put on this black badge that bears the name of Christ every single day!! I love the Gospel and cant wait to get out into the field next week and teach!!!  I leave the MTC on Tuesday and we fly to Kumasi!!  Thank you for the emails everybody. You have no idea how good it is to hear from you!!  Today has been amazing.  I love you all so much!! Have an awesome week!!

Elder Porritt
 First companionship, Elders Morford and Porritt.
 This is one of the American meals that they fixed for us in the cafeteria.

This is where the president of Ghana lives. Aka the white house of Ghana.

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