Friday, September 18, 2015

E-Mail #2 on first day

Okay so i have a few more minutes right now to email you.  I wanted to tell you about what happened in the airport yesterday.
We were in line to get some pizza at the JFK airport and some random guy came up to us and asked us which mission we were going to and we told him Kumasi and he was like Oh that is awesome! and then he pulled out a hundred bucks and was like here take this and all of you guys go get some snacks for the plane ride and for the mission because you wont have access to american snacks after this and we were so amazed!! It was so awesome!!  So about 20 minutes later we were walking to the place in the airport to get some snacks and the same guy came up and found us again and was like hey i was looking for you guys again!! i wanted to give you more money to get some snacks for the elders from africa so you can share some american snacks with them and he gave us another hundred.  So we had 200 dollars for snacks!! We got like 75 in jerky so hopefully the people here like jerky hahaha!
But it was so amazing that members have such a big heart and are willing to give so much to the missionaries!!

Other than that, everything is going good!  We have time for basketball or soccer(everyone here calls it futbol) in about an hour so I am pretty excited about that haha!! 

I hope everything back home is going good!! I dont know what day my Pday is yet but i guess I will find out soon and I will let you know!! Have a good week!

Elder Porritt

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