Monday, December 7, 2015


Hello everyone!!!
I hope all is going well back home! I have heard that BYU and Utah are meeting in Las Vegas for the bowl game so that should be a partay!!! Elder Snow's family said that people back home are calling it "The Holy War in Sin City" So that was basically the best thing i ever heard hahahaha!!

This week is transfers already again. It was a short transfer due to something happening with the Ghana MTC and I will be transfered to Tamale up north which is really close to Burkina Faso. The weather there is about 115 in the middle of the day so I may not be alive next week with that heat..... hahahaha just kidding I'm staying in Techiman and I am staying with Elder Snow for the next transfer which means I will be spending Christmas here in Techiman!! (I wasnt kidding about Tamale's weather though. its toasty up there and there is actually a decent chance i'll serve there someday.)
Anyway holy cow Hummatine is setting in very strongly and it is hot here. and man it is DRYYYYYY. I think the dryness is worse than the heat. Its really crazy that this place can be the most humid place ever during the rain season and then be soooo dry during the hot season. It really is some weird weather here in GH but I will live haha!!

With D and J..... man its just not going well. D got Malaria and had to go back to his home town in Sunyani and we haven't heard from him and can't contact him because he doesn't have a phone... so we have seen J a few times but haven't taught them and they weren't able to be baptized Sunday.. We don't know right now how the whole situation is going but I'm really glad I am staying here in Techiman so hopefully at some point he will come back and we will be able to keep them going and progressing. But we did have one lesson a few weeks ago that i forgot to tell you all about with D and J when they were not really sure if they believed what we were saying and they weren't sure if they were going the right way with us and we talked about how they can know for themselves and then we had them pray to close the lesson and to specifically ask God right there with us if what we were saying was true, if the Book of Mormon was true, and if they really should be baptized, and boom Shockalaka the Spirit was soooo strong.  I swear I could have taken a knife and cut a big slice of it off it was so thick in the room. man that was powerful.  After the prayer was said by D, he and J both kept their heads down for like a whole minute and nobody said anything and wow that was sooo spiritual. I knew for sure that everything was true and I know that Elder Snow was feeling the exact same as me. and then after the minute, they both looked up at us at the same time and they both said that they know its true.  wow that was easily the most powerful lesson i have had with anyone so far. and that's why i am really really concerned for them because i know that they have got a sure answer and I know that they want to join the church but man it just seems like everything right now is just hitting them right in the face trying to keep them from coming and being baptized.. so right now we are really praying for them a lot.
That is all that has happened with teaching.. the teaching is really slow right now because the people here don't like to be outside in this weather and they don't like to answer their doors when we knock cause they are sleeping a lot of the time.. So it's a struggle to say the least to find new people, but we are really focusing on finding new people this week and we really feel good about it.
 I hope all of you are doing great and know that you are in my prayers!! I love you all so much and I'm thankful for your encouragement and support!! Have a great week!!
Love, Elder Porritt

ps. only 18 more days til you know what

You can decide if this is a tan line or a dirt line from playing futbol last week:)

 heheh our futbol.  Everywhere and everything in Ghana has sayings like this on everything!!!

This is the sun at about 3 in the afternoon... now you see the smog and dust and smoke.. the effect it has here is huge and its seriously no bueno

Our buds In and Is rockin' their new CTR rings. (That Mom sent to them).

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