Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Hello there everyone!!

I hope all is going well for everyone back home.  Ghana is sweet and Ghana is hot. Real hot. Right now, hummatine is hitting with full force and it is hot, dry and dusty. it hasn't been below 100 degrees in a few weeks and it just gets hotter every day so that is great.

Thanksgiving was sweet. We obviously couldn't have all the things on the menu i put together last week but we sure did enjoy!! We had some instant potatoes that Elder Snows mom sent, some rice, and a lot of candy and drinks haha! it was really nice! We had the Zone Leaders, Elder Botha and Elder Madsen over to celebrate with us and you will see the pictures!! it was sweet!!

Also another great thing that happened this week besides Thanksgiving day. The first one was Elder Snow reaching into the baptismal font to grab a lid that fell in and there was water in it still from a baptism that the sisters had last week, and our phone fell out of his shirt pocket into the water and luckily we have a nokia phone (seriously indestructible) and so we left it out to dry out the inside of the screen the next two days hahahah it was sweet!!

Anyway with the teaching this week. It started out rough. Elder Snow was sick again Tuesday and Wednesday so we didn't go out but D and J have been coming to the apartment/chapel for us to teach them still.
Every one of our appointments fell through on Friday and Saturday so that was crappy... But D and J are so ready for baptism and they were supposed to be baptized yesterday, but they couldn't come for their baptism interview on Saturday night because they couldn't get out of the school. and they also couldn't make it to Sacrament yesterday for the same reason.. But so we were really disappointed about that.. but on the positive note, today we spent the whole day with them and they are super super excited for their baptism Sunday!!! and needless to say Elder Snow and I are excited about it too!!

Today with D and J, we went to their high school's state tournament Qualifier game and WOW i have never been to anything more crazy in my life.... First of all, Their team's keeper went out to try and stop a ball outside of the goal box and he slid to get it and the other kid's knee git the keepers head and knocked him out cold. The keeper got a red card for the illegal slide but he was literally laying limp in on the ground and a bunch of people went out to look at him and they just started giving him CPR and i was like holy crap i might witness a kid die in a soccer match... but so Elder Snow ran out on the field and he said the kid's heart was still beating but they didn't even know to check that they just started giving him CPR cause he wasn't responding... but so Elder Snow told them to all back away and of course everyone listened cause he is white and people here see white man and think doctor or pastor so they listened and the kid woke up and he was super in shock and they had a car on the field and they took him to the hospital.. But man its probably a good thing elder Snow went out and had them stop with the chest compressions because he was fine he was just knocked out soooo that was super interesting i guess! but Their team won in a shootout so that was good!! Then the four of us went and played some futbol of our own at a park and wow i got sunburned big time. Plus i got a haircut today so my head is really red.... but man today was just such a great day!!

I love all of you so much and i want you to know that i know that the Church is true. If it wasn't, then i sure wouldn't be here right now. I know that Heavenly Father loves us all so much and He wants us to follow Him and His commandments. He will bless us so much if we live how we know we should!! I love you all! have a great week!!
Elder Porritt
Our feast baby!!!

The crew. Botha-front left. Madsen-back left Snow-back right & Me

  Our coconut tree in front of our apartment has been dropping some branches hahaha and they are not small..

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