Monday, December 28, 2015

First Christmas Away From Home

Well Merry Christmas everyone!! I will have to say that it was sure different being away from home for Christmas and I sure do miss everyone, but it was a Christmas I don't think I will ever forget.  Unfortunately this week, with all the Christmas celebrating, we didn't teach much because a lot of people travelled and we weren't able to see many people so the teaching was super slow..  I will say it was a good week still though!

Christmas Eve, we went with Moby to his brothers house, which is the only huge nice house i have seen in Ghana so far, and then his brother took us to a really nice hotel which is the only places you can get really nice American food here and we had Chicken and Beef Pizza on Christmas Eve which was sure awesome!!

Christmas morning, we had a zone activity and watched Elf which was awesome just because Elf is hilarious!! Then the zone went to the Station here in Techiman which is where you go if you need to catch a bus anywhere in Ghana. When we went to the Station, we all just started singing Christmas songs and you wouldn't believe how fast we had a crowd of people watching us!! People here usually just stare at us when we walk by because 1- we are white and 2 we are wearing shirt and tie with name tags so everyone thinks we are fbi or something haha. But if you take the first two things and then add us singing, wow... haha we had soo many people watching us and videoing us on their phones and it was just a great time. We even were able to find a pastor who was preaching into his microphone and we asked to use it and he let us and so we started singing and then the pastor got his huge collection box and put it out in front of us and started telling people to throw their money in it haha it was pretty interesting to say the least!  But then being able to talk to the family was so amazing!! It made me so darn happy!! But it also made me miss the comforts and everything about being home.. But there is nothing quite like being a missionary! It just is amazing and I make memories every single day!!

Another amazing thing with Christmas is the members basically beg you to come eat with them!! So on Saturday and today we had fufu which was obviously amazing just because fufu is so amazing!! and even tomorrow we are going again to a members for more!! WOOO! haha the members here are so awesome with meals!
That's about it for this week!! I am thankful for all of your love and support in my life and i want you all to know that I love you all so much!! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and i hope you all have a Happy New Year!!

Elder Porritt
A Grand Ol White Snowy Christmas Morning here in Ghana hahaha

 Merry Christmas!!!  Love Elder Madsen, Elder Snow, Elder Botha, and Elder Porritt

It was pretty good on the spaghetti to be honest.  (Fettuccine Alfredo in Ghana)

Some of the members after Church yesterday! The two kids are thee coolest ever.

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