Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas

Hola Family!!!
I am so excited for Christmas I can't even contain myself!!!!!! and this week was super great!!!

Well you all remember D, the high school kid who had Malaria and had to go back to Sunyani, well we have been praying for him so much and this week he came back to Techiman and told us that he still wants to be baptized but he and J are both going home for the Christmas holiday so when they return from holidays, we will be able to finish their teaching and baptize them which is awesome!!! I am so thankful for all of your prayers on their behalf as well!! you have no idea how much I appreciate it.

This week we also met two other really powerful guys. The first one, K, is a really good friend of a member who was in Accra for 2 years and has now moved up to a small village about 25-30 minutes from Techiman. The village is called Afrancho and it's in our area so we definitely get to go down there haha. But the member from Accra, G, has been a member for 2 years and is getting the Melchezidik Priesthood in a few weeks and is going through the temple soon soo he is a super powerful guy and has such a strong testimony.  So our first lesson with K was great and he came to church yesterday and he had prayed about the church and the restoration and he knew for sure that it was true and that he really wanted to be baptized so that is for sure great news for us since we haven't been having much luck here with teaching as of late.

The other guy, A, just showed up at out door on Friday night and wanted to hear about our church but it was too late and we were supposed to be getting ready for bed so we talked to him on Saturday and wow it was such an awesome lesson and he was really excited when he showed up to church on Sunday and he even had the same experience as K. He had prayed about everything we had taught him and he said that he knew for sure this was the right thing for him at this time and he wanted to know more. Both of them are set to be baptized in January along with D and J, so January could be a pretty sweet month for us!! I am really hoping!!

I hope all is going well back home and I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. I love Christmas because we celebrate the birth of the most important Human to ever walk this earth.  Jesus Christ's birth is something that I am soooo happy about. He is our Savior and we truly should rejoice over Him coming to the earth!!

I love you all,
Elder Porritt

Me and Mobby

 We got a mouse this week hahahah elder snow smashed him

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