Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another "Death" in the Family, "Old Blue"

This letter was sent to Elder Porritt this week:

So I guess the biggest news from home this week, is another death from home. And yes it's a family member. OLD BLUE!!! She's been in the fam for a long, long time. The transmission is shot. It would probably cost over  $3000 to get a new tranny. SOOO we are going to try to sell her for parts. Sad day. She was also known as, Old Reliable. And you may know many more names than me. I'm sorry she couldn't last til you got home, but she is literally falling apart. Levi said she had $326,000 miles. Now what? I don't know yet. At least we have the Suburban.  

Picture of Old Blue

And Elder Porritt's response was this:

"Well glad you just made me cry because ol blue is gone:( I'm seriously so sad right now... before you sell it or anything, please take a picture of the odometer and send it to me so I can have the final mileage on the glorious piece of work that thing is". 

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