Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Baptism is sweet

Well good morning to everybody!! Ha I know its pretty early back home! But yesterday while I was typing everything up, the internet completely crashed soooo I wasn't able to send anything yesterday to all of you, but here it is! 

This week was pretty slow for us compared to the last few weeks. We weren't able to have the baptism of Sister Gy and so we hope that that will happen next week. Also sister Dora should be baptized next week. Both of the ladies are ready for baptism and they are strong in the Church and have awesome testimonies, but both are just waiting for interviews with President Cosgrave before they will be able to be baptized. Also Gre was unable to make it to Church yesterday and we don't actually know why because nobody would answer their phones yesterday so  she wasn't confirmed yet. Hopefully next week for that. 

Another sweet experience did happen this week though. For the last month and a half, we have been teaching a guy, Mats, who was born in Ghana but went to school in Burkina Faso so he grew up learning French and not English, so he is fluent in French and in Twi, but isn't very fluent in English, so it has been  hard teaching him for sure but he has been improving a lot over the course of while we have been teaching him! Anyway, Mats lives in another area and actually goes to a different branch here in Techiman, but he works all day at a shop in our area so we taught him and I was even able to baptize him yesterday which was another awesome experience for sure. Mats is sweet, he is in his early 20's and is actually getting married next week so his life is going good. He has been telling us that he wants to bring his wife to the Church as well so he is surely an awesome guy that we have been able to teach and baptize and he has a strong testimony about the Church and even though he hasn't been able to read much from the Book of Mormon, he has had an awesome feeling about it and he knows that it is true!

Not much other news for this week other than a big big big accident that happened here in Ghana about an hour north of Techiman on the road to Tamale where a bus full of people went head on into a big truck and unfortunately not a person survived.. We saw a picture of the bus and wow... It was basically torn in half. It was so sad...

That is about all that happened for this week! Thank you for all the love and support that you have been giving me! I love you all so much and hope you all have a great week this week!

Love Elder Porritt

Some Good Breakfast, bread and strawberry jam, and chocolate oatmeal haha!

This is a pile of garbage... quite unfortunate, but there are A LOT of these here... and there are always animals in them eating, and yeah not good...

Us and Brother Matthias!! 

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