Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Waters of Baptism

Hello everyone!!  I hope all is going well for everyone back home!!

All is well here in Ghana! This week was pretty special because we finally put someone in the water!!! Sister Grace was baptized yesterday and that was the most awesome experience I have had so far on my mission!! I can now tell you that D&C 18 verse 15 is a very very very true thing. I have experienced soooo much joy the last day that I cant even describe it. I will say that yesterday I think i recited the baptismal prayer like a million times in my head so I wouldn't mess it up hahaha!! But now Grace is baptized and will be confirmed next Sunday so I am so excited about that.

With our other investigators, we have Gf who is the wife to our 2nd councilor in the branch presidency and she is sooo awesome. She is about ready for baptism and will be baptized either this week or next for sure! Their family is so amazing and they have twin girls who are juniors in high school who are already preparing for missions so I guess you could say they have a pretty powerful family!

We also have Sister Da who is the wife to another way powerful member and we have been having to travel for like 30 minutes in a tro tro to their house out in a small village but she is so powerful and has been talking about how excited she is to be baptized and to go to the temple with her husband and be sealed!!  The work here in Techiman is for sure looking a lot better right now than it ever has since I have been here!!

Here in Techiman, it is starting to get humid again and man it feels sooooooo dang hot all the time.. I don't know which i like less, the dry heat, or the humid heat, they both aren't my favorite thing ever but that is just Ghana for you hahaha!!

Elder Khumalo and I are getting along pretty well! He is such an awesome guy and he always seems to be happy no matter what happens so that is a pretty positive thing for sure!! Plus we are having a lot of success together right now so that is for sure a positive thing as well!!

I hope everyone back home is just having an amazing day and I hope you all have an amazing week!! I love you all so much and I'm thankful for all of you in my life!!

Much love,
Elder Porritt

My New Pillowcase!!!!

 You would never guess how many people we had inside this tro tro........ 25 human beings.... these tros are about the same size as a standard suburban back home, maybe a tiny bit bigger. 25 people...

The people of the Dwumoh branch... we have some legendary figures here for sure

 The Yeboah family and Grace. Grace is the cousin of Sister Yeboah.

 Elder Khumalo and I with the Valentines day ties!

 Fufu. Glorious Fufu.

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