Monday, March 7, 2016

Ghanaian Wedding

Hello everyone!! Everything here in Ghana is going great!! I hope this
message goes through... the Internet isn't doing to swell here today,
sorry this is coming through at like 1 in the morning back home. The
Internet crashed last night and we weren't able to send everything.

This week was pretty good to be honest!! We had some great things that
happened this week!!

The first was Brother Matthias who we baptized two weeks ago, he just
got married on Saturday and he invited a bunch of the missionaries
here in Techiman so Saturday morning we went down to some village
about 20 minutes away and went to his wedding. Weirdly enough this was
actually the first wedding i have actually been to that I can
remember. But it was really weird. Ghanaians definitely do not do
things the same as people back home hahaha. But it was good to see our
new convert get married. He seemed way happy and we were for sure
happy for him!!

Another sweet thing that happened this week was the baptism of Dora!!!
Her and Gifty were both able to have their interviews with President
Cosgrave this weekend and Gifty told us that she wanted her twin girls
to be able to be at the baptism but they are currently at school right
now so she wants to wait a few weeks til they are able to come back on
vacation so they can be there for the baptism. We were super excited
for Dora though. And a really awesome part of it was that her
husband, Godwin, was able to baptize her!!  So that was an amazing
experience for everyone involved and it was surely a day that i will
never forget!! I was sooo happy yesterday!!

Anyway with teaching, we have these two guys who are coming along
really well right now, Francis and Michael. They are both super
excited about the Gospel and they both come to church and both want to
learn everything we are teaching and even Francis asked us if he could
go to the temple and serve a mission and we haven't even taught him
about any of that yet but we were like shocked when he asked us that
but we can tell how serious he is about the Gospel! Unfortunately he
is like almost 30 so he cant serve as a missionary right now but we
will teach him that someday he will be able to! Those two are both so
amazing and we love teaching them!!

Today our zone was able to go again to the Monkey Village which is the
same place we went my first few weeks here on mission and it was about
the same experience except i got clawed up pretty good by one monkey
who really wanted a banana really bad hahaha. But it was sweet! I'll
send some more pictures with it!!

I hope all is going well back home. I also hope that all of you know
that the Church is true. I know for sure that it is true. I know that
President Thomas S Monson is at the head of this Church and that he
receives revelation directly from our Father in Heaven on things that
we need in our life. I know that if we follow the prophet, we will not
go astray. I promise you that.

I love you all so much and our branch presidency 2nd councillor, Bro.
Andoh sends his greetings!!!

Love Elder Porritt

Matthias wedding!!!

Dora and Godwin on Sunday ready for the baptism!!!

This monkey was so sweet. He was just chilling on this branch and wouldn't move hahaha 

Same with this guy

 Biggest tree I have ever seen in my entire life

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