Monday, March 14, 2016


Hello there family!! 

This week has been good for teaching that is for sure. This week we taught the most lessons that I have taught in a single week so far on my mission so that was good. Nothing too exciting happened this week other than Sister Dora who was baptized last Sunday was able to be confirmed yesterday so that was for sure a good thing that happened!! 

This week we have also been teaching a guy named Francis, i think i told you about him last week but man this guy is so powerful and on Sunday he came up to us after Church and he was like hey why haven't you taught me about the Book of Mormon yet? and so right then we talked about it and he was so excited. He says that he has been praying that Heavenly Father show him the right path in life and I am sure that those prayers are being answered right now as we are teaching him. He even told us he wants to serve a mission, but unfortunately he is like 30 so his mission wouldn't be able to come still for a few years. He is learning fast and is progressing very well which is great but i don't think i will be here to see his baptism. I think i will probably be transferred in 2 weeks but we will have to see. 

Something that has been amazing that happened this week starts with R and has four letters.....


It FINALLY rained again! it has been over 4 months since anything related to water fell from the sky and the last couple days it has sprinkled a few times but this morning it rained pretty hard for about an hour which is like the best thing ever!! And even the forecast for the next week is about 100-106 (haha not including the humidity factor... Ghana is hot) with rain every single day!!! WHOOOO i am excited about that!! The crazy thing is that it gets down to about 75-80 at night and wow it feels sooooo cold at night. It is crazy that 80 degrees feels freezing cold.... When i come home i think i might die with the weather in cold ol Utah.. 

A couple things that I learned/remembered this last week... Just think about the difference of praying vs saying a prayer. For me, the difference is that when we say a prayer, we don't really think about what we are praying for, but when we pray, we truly think about what we are praying for and we really mean it from the heart. It is more meaningful and it is more sincere. We need to always try and pray rather than say prayers if we want to receive answers from our Heavenly Father. 

The other comes from Doctrine and Covenants 82:10 Which says "I, the Lord am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." This for sure is one of my favorite scriptures that exists. Our Heavenly Father literally cannot break his promises with us. If we fulfill our end of the promise, He has to bless us.  I love that cause if we follow the Commandments, if we keep our covenants that we have made, He HAS TO bless us and he is willing and ready to pour out blessings on us. I love that scripture and i hope it helps you out. 

I love you all so much and hope all is going well for you!! You are all in my thoughts and prayers daily!! The members of the Dwumoh Branch along with Elder Khumalo and Elder Porritt all send our love and encouragement to the lovely people back home!!

Love Elder Porritt

We found this cute little guy just chillin in the shade and I had to take a picture with him haha! 


Elder Whipple and I enjoying our pepsi today! 

This is called Ampesi. It is boiled yam(cassava- which is kinda like a potato but still way different)  and you eat it with the stew which contains onions, tomatoes, eggs, pepper, just lots of stuff. You all know this is not easy to eat... hahaha its not too bad though.

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