Monday, March 21, 2016

Interesting Food This Week

Well hello there everyone. This week has been a great one for us here in Ghana, although the heat just keeps turning up more and more even with the rain coming back. The rain really just makes the humidity more intense and it makes it hotter most days. 

This week, 5 members of the Dwumoh Branch were able to travel to Accra to go to The House of The Lord. Our Branch President and Wife (Tony and Esther) were both able to be endowed and sealed together to their two daughters, Also our Branch clerk and wife (David and Vivian) were also able to be endowed and sealed to their two daughters, and also our 1st Councilor in the Branch Presidency (Bro Andoh) was endowed, and  his wife, Gifty will be baptized this coming Sunday so in a year or so, they will also be able to go to the Temple and be sealed together. 

It is truly amazing to see what a HUGE impact the Temple can have on someone. The Holy Ghost is so amazing and will really work wonders in our hearts if we are open to those whisperings that come. Those 5 people have all completely changed it seems like. They are so much more spiritual and they seem to have a much higher level of reverence now. I really think they will help this Branch to start to grow much quicker than it has been. Anyway that has surely been the highlight of the week for me! 

This week was full of interesting food as well. The three new things on the menu included a chicken spine, which was actually really really good!!! Then there was a fish head, that one was NASTY NASTY NASTY.... I thought i was gonna puke on that one... Then there was bush meat... And wow.. Bush meat is just any random animal that people will go kill out in the bush (forest) and yeah bush meat is nasty to say the least.  No doubt the worst thing I've eaten here in Ghana...Soooo yeah if you ever come to Ghana, DO NOT request bush meat with your fufu...

Anyway back to positive things, Another pretty cool thing that happened on Thursday was my 6 month mark... holy cow it really doesn't feel like i've been gone that long. it feels like i was in the SLC Airport like yesterday.  But 6 months have come and gone and i really feel that i have grown a lot Spiritually the last 6 months. I feel like i have come to know my Heavenly Father more and also my Savior more than I ever have been able to and I am so thankful for that. I really do love being a missionary and there is nothing better than sharing the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ with people who don't know the truth. It brings the most amazing feelings to my life and I know it does that to the lives of the people we teach as well. I love it. And I hope you all will be able to have the same love for this Gospel and for our Savior that I have been able to come to have, cause it is amazing.

I hope all of you have a great week back in the good ol United States of America (except those who are on missions not in the US haha)

I love you all,
Elder Porritt

Well this was our Kitchen last night after three of us in our apartment went crazy on making Chapati,  that is a sweet food that they make a lot in Kenya and i know how to make it now... call me the new family chef?

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