Monday, April 25, 2016

Letter to Mom


Thank you for the help with the letters, I really appreciate it, and I really cant wait to talk to you in just 2 short weeks!!!:)  Right now I am feeling really good and all is going well for us.  A lot of people name their children like adjective words such as Gifty, Precious, and lots of other good stuff.  And with the water sachetes, its not as good as having water bottles, but the problem is buying a water bottle is like 3+ cedis compared to the water sachetes which are like 20 pesewas a piece so its just a lot cheaper and people don't really buy water bottles much.

That is a beautiful sight to see that there is a new way to cut that massive lawn.. and my goodness the grass is sooooo green... i miss grass so much.. When i get home, after i roll around on the carpet, im going to roll around in the grass!!

Thank you so much for the message and the support mom, I really do appreciate it so much! I love you so much and i love being here in Ghana serving my Heavenly Father.

I love you so much Mom,
Elder Porritt

I had sent this picture to Elder Porritt of his Dad and his new ride!  Elder Porritt's parents are getting old!

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