Monday, April 11, 2016

Lovin my new Momzoza!

Hello there family and friends!
This week has been a good one but hasn't really had anything remarkable or too interesting about it. For us we really have struggled this week to find new people to teach and even to teach at all. People here don't like to speak English so for me and Elder Motloung, not knowing Twi, it is really difficult for us, especially because we don't have members who have time to go out with us, everyone always says that they are too busy. So yeah we had a rough week as far as teaching goes.
But truly as far as receiving food from members or Momzoza, we were 7/7 hahaha. We get a phone call at about 5:30-7:00 every single night and Momzoza just says 'Elders! Come!' and then she hangs up and if we don't come or if we take long to come, she will give us fire hahaha! Momzoza is the greatest lady ever!! She has literally fed me every single night since I've been here in Agona except for one. I know for sure that she is being blessed by our Heavenly Father and I know that one day she will open up to the missionaries and she will join the Church.  I have only been here for 2 weeks and Momzoza is basically like my mom. Well haha maybe my grandma because she is about 60 years. She is an amazing soul though!!
Basically that is about it for this week. It has been a rough one for sure with teaching.. But we are really striving to do awesome this coming week! Thank you all for all of your love and support! I love all of you so much!!

There is one quote i heard this week while me and my companion were listening to the talk given by Elder Jeffery R. Holland last October's General Conference. He counselled us "In any moment of temptation, may we behold our mother as well as our Savior and spare them both the sorrow of our sinning."  I don't know why that hit me the way that it did but it really helped me understand and remember the Atoning Sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us, and the fact that he suffered for our sins, our mistakes.. And we for sure need to think about that before we indulge in sin. And for sure to behold our mother and spare her the sorrow is an amazing point of advice as well, because we mean everything to our parents. I loved that quote and i know that it was given to us by revelation.

I also know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true Church on the face of this earth! I also know that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet and I know that he translated the Book of Mormon with the gift and power of our Heavenly Father! I love the Book of Mormon. It brings comfort and peace and encouragement every single day in my life and I would STRONGLY encourage all of you who read this to truly test out the Book of Mormon. Read it and see if you don't feel the Spirit. If you read it with the right intent, there is no way that you wont feel the Spirit. That book is truly our road map back to our Heavenly Father and to the Celestial Kingdom. Even when you might have a rough day or a rough week, turn to the pages of the Book of Mormon and get down on your knees. Because there is ONE person who literally KNOWS what you have gone through. He has seriously felt the pains you have felt. He has felt the disappointment and discouragement that you have felt. He has suffered for you and He loves you and I KNOW  He will help you if you go to Him and ask for His help. That is most definitely the one thing that has brought me so much comfort and peace in my life and on my mission is the fact that I know that my Savior, Jesus Christ has truly felt my pains and bore my griefs. He loves me and He helps me when i go to Him for help and healing. I love this Gospel and I love all of you so very much! I hope that you all can have the Spirit in your lives and that you can remember your Savior in your day to day lives.
I love you,
Elder Hunter Kenneth Porritt

Just the most awesome little Children i ever met. These kids are awesome but they won't ever let us leave, they just cling on to us hahaha its pretty awesome.

 yep today for lunch. Pretty amazing. Although it was WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD to see white people... hahah i know that is weird to say but when you spend 6.5 months in a place where you almost never see white people other than misisonaries, seeing actual white people here in Ghana is just weird.


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