Monday, April 25, 2016

Spaghetti Feast!

Well this week was surely another week here in Ghana, but it wasn't anything special.  To be honest, it wasn't the best week. We have been struggling quite a bit with the people who we are teaching and especially getting people to come to Church and actually keep all the commitments we give to them. It is really not easy to go to people, help them feel the Spirit and understand the Gospel and then have them promise you that they will be at church on Sunday and then they don't come. For me i have just gotten used to the lies that they throw at us, but literally everyone we teach will promise us, not just say yeah i'll come, they say oh yeah for sure i promise ill be there, and then when they don't come its just somehow discouraging.

Anyway, we dont really have anyone who we are teaching right now who is progressing, we don't have really anyone who we are focusing on just because the fact that a lot of the people just aren't too serious about keeping commitments about the Gospel..  But we are trying our best to get the work going as much as we can and to get some new people to teach who are truly ready and prepared to receive the Gospel.

Today however was a pretty fun day. We had a Zone Activity today and the zone got together at the Chapel in UST in Kumasi and we played football (soccer) and we ate fufu!  so there aren't many combinations here in Ghana better than that one for a P-day. We had quite a good time and we are really hoping to get back into Agona and keep working hard to help the people the best we can.

I hope all is going well for you all. I miss you all and care about you so much and i hope things are going great! I hope you have a great week

Love Elder Porritt

 me and my guy JB

We had a spaghetti feast last night at an apartment in Kumasi as we slept over for the activity this morning 

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