Monday, May 23, 2016

Keep the Covenants of the Temple

Hello to everyone! 

This week was another warm and good one for myself and Elder Adjei! the two of us are really getting along and working hard to try and improve this work here in Agona. We have some progress on Kwame, the 10 year old who is the grandson of the amazing Momzoza. He should be baptized this coming Sunday so updates on that will come next week. 

We also have this new brother that we have been teaching. Brother Ky. For him, he was really skeptic about the church when we were first coming to discuss things with him. He has had a TON of questions about the Book of Mormon, but for me i like it because i know that he has heard things about it that are not true and now he is trying to find out what the real truth about the BoM is. For him I really am excited. He came to church yesterday and I know that he felt the spirit. When I was teaching Sunday school, he was just looking at the pictures in the Gospel Principles manual, and he came across the picture in there of the Salt Lake Temple, and when he came across it, i payed attention to him and his face, and he paused and just stared at it for like seriously 2 minutes and i know that the Spirit was telling him something, so i am really hoping that this week when we go there to discuss again with him that he will share with us the feelings that he was feeling when he was at church cause even me i was feeling the spirit when he was looking at it. 

Those were our real highlights for the week. I do have something I wanted to share though with all of you. This came about a month ago when we had Elder Vinson from the 70 come to the mission and talk to us. He told us this very important quote: "your time on this earth is wasted if you don't make and keep the covenants of the temple."  for some reason i have been thinking about that a lot lately and just wanting all of you to also have that knowledge. Even the encouragement would be that you all should be striving to go to the temple if you haven't already, and when you do, strive your best to keep the covenants that you have made with your Heavenly Father. 

I love you all and i hope you have a great week! 
Elder Porritt

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