Monday, May 30, 2016

Kwame's Baptism

This week was a good week for sure. Not too much happened honestly except for a lot of teaching and then yesterday we had another one of the great moments on my misison. Brother Owoahene Acheampong Fendi (aka Kwame) entered the waters of baptism.  Wow, what a great feeling that was to step down into the font with him and baptize him.  There are not many things to have in life so far that i have experienced, than to see someone find the truth, embrace it, and want to live it. We were also very glad to see that Kwame's mom, Sister Precious was able to come up from Kumasi and also that Momzoza came to church and to the baptism to see her grandson get baptized. What an absolutely amazing day it was! I will send some pictures as well. 

We are also having some decent success with another Brother, his name is Kyei (pronounced chay). But for him it has been really difficult so far. He is willing to come to church and for the last two weeks he has been coming, but he just doesn't want to embrace or believe or read the Book of Mormon, and the problem is that that book is what holds this religion together, without it, we would really have nothing different than all the other churches all over the world using the bible.  So yeah we are trying to get him to read and pray, its really not that much that we are asking him to do, but he has been somehow stubborn about it. We are continually praying for him and trying to help him understand though.

Today was a good day, we woke up early and as a district, we went on a hike on a pretty sweet mountain, although its not quite like a mountain back home, it was pretty huge for here and man it was not an easy climb, as it was basically a staircase with some trail in there sometimes, straight up that had exactly 805 stairs and each stair was tall, it was actually a pretty hard climb haha. But it was way fun and we got some pretty nice pictures and we all got really sweaty haha! so yeah this week has been a really good one! I am also looking forward to next Monday where we will be having a 4 zone soccer tournament and we already know who is gonna win that... (us haha what kind of question is that?)

I hope all of you are doing well. I love you all so much.
Elder Porritt

Kwame's Baptism

 Just so you can see, my mommy here in Ghana is the one in the dress with plenty colors. Thats Momzoza:)

Good old Elder Adjei's birthday was on Thursday so we had a nice little church movie party

Our hike today

Just a good catch with Elder Wardle

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