Monday, May 16, 2016

My New Companion, Elder Adjei

Well hello all,

This week was a real good one! Especially today! But for this week, I was able to get my new companion, Elder Adjei, and we have been getting along way way good. He is a way funny guy and we are doing well with each other. For him, he is a Ghanaian, he comes from I think he said Central Region in Ghana from a place called Acuiapim or something, i don't know how to spell it haha. But he has been here on mission for one year exactly as of yesterday. He has been a member for about 12 or 13 years i think. He is a way good guy and we are going to have an awesome time together as companions!! 

This week as far as teaching goes, we are still progressing with Kwame, he is excited about baptism which will probably come in two weeks. As for the rest of our investigators, they always seem really really happy to learn with us when we come and they seriously promise us that they will come to church on Sunday, but then 9 am rolls around Sunday morning, and all of their phones are off and they don't show up..... we even had one guy call us Sunday morning at like 8, he asked me what time the meetings started, I told him 9, then he said sweet ill see you there. and he never showed up... so yeah its not easy. There are a few problems we are facing with things in the branch and the district but its not an excuse for us, so we are really trying to do our best to keep working our hardest.  One thing that we kinda just say as missionaries is that 'its not easy' but then we say 'it wasn't easy for Christ, so why should it be easy for us?' and that really keeps us working our hardest. We have had a little bit more success with teaching because now we are able to talk with people who speak Twi only. Although its pretty awkward, because i just sit there for like 30 or so minutes, I don't say anything, and then we leave hahaha... Its weird but its good cause we are able to talk to them even if its just my companion talking. Hopefully that will open up some new opportunities to teach new people and bring them to the Church. Also one sweet thing that has been happening is that i have been learning a little bit more Twi. I am starting to be able to hear what people are talking about, I cant tell like everything but i can make out what they are talking about most times, I just cant talk back for most things haha. 

Anyway, last night, our district met at our chapel and we all rode down to Kumasi so we could stay the night last night and be able to spend the day today in Kumasi and go to the good old Kumasi zoo!! We had a blast today at the zoo. Even though its really really sad how they treat the animals and a lot of the animals look very sick and have some weird tumors and stuff. But the sweetest part was that there was an elephant just roaming around the main field part, not in a cage, as well as two huge camels!! So that was sweet!! The elephant would get mad sometimes and start charging people or swinging his trunk and smashing us, i even got headbutted once... it was pretty scary but man it was an absolute blast. There may not be another zoo on earth where you can just chill with an elephant right there and feed it *or saddle it up and ride it......* wait a minute we didn't do that... or did we? You will be able to see some of the pictures i send home! It was a real sweet place even though it is nothing compared to a zoo back home. 

For the rest of today, we have just been in Kumasi and we will also be staying the night because we have a Zone meeting tomorrow morning, so it has been a good day today, and I know tomorrow will also be a good day!! 

For me, i know that this Gospel is true and this Church is true. I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I know that for all of us, He gave His perfect life that we might have the opportunity to try our best to become perfect, and that we might be able to live again. 

I love you all and hope you all have a great week! Thank you all for your continuous love and support.

Love Elder Porritt

Today's activity

You already know this elephant was our best bud!!


 hahaha.... what is this?

 Me and my new guy, Elder Adjei!!!

Only about half the primary here in Agona

Riding to Kumasi in a small taxi with 6 elders last night......

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