Monday, June 27, 2016

Opoku's Baptism

Well howdy there everyone!! 

It has been a GREAT week.  The weather here has been cooling down a tiny bit and that is just cause of the rain that has been coming brings more clouds and sheilds the sun. Trust me when its cloudy, we are a happy couple of guys hahah. But its still as humid as ever so i still cant even go 10 minutes without being sweating bullets. 

Haha a funny story... this week we contacted a family who is good friends with a member who lives in a nearby branch, Mampong, and from the first two visits, we've come down to the decision that really only one member of the family is serious about learning, due to the fact that she has been the only one who has stayed through a whole lesson and the next time we came, the mom and others didn't even join, but we have been teaching Fl, who is around 20 or 21 years old, but the funny part about this story is that they own and live at a spot. A spot is what Ghanaians call basically a alcohol house. They have a homemade alcohol they call pito, which is really really strong but they sell it for really cheap so a lot of the people love it, but the crappy thing is that it STINKS. Aw man its really really hard to teach a lesson when that stench is there.  You would not believe the amount of guys who come here just absolutely HAMMERED. Like barely walking hammered, and they buy even more and down it. And some of the reactions we have got are pretty hilarious but are starting to get annoying haha.. here people LOVE to talk to white people to try and seem smart, and when they are drunk that desire multiplies by about 1000 so every time we go there, there is always at least 2 or 3 guys that come up and start babbling on in broken English and it makes me sick cause all i can smell is the nasty breath.. haha its not easy but if you experienced it, you would laugh pretty hard. 

The highlight of the week came yesterday with my guy, Opoku, who was baptized!!! Oh man this was a sweet experience. Along the path of teaching this guy, we watched him go from literally not being able to say a prayer and being so shy he wouldn't even answer our questions, to saying some of the most humble, sincere and heartfelt prayers I have ever heard and reading and studying the Book of Mormon and all the doctrine of the Church, this guy, since the 2nd Sunday we started teaching him, has not missed a meeting (Sunday meetings, sunday movie show, and midweek) and has been on time and even early to every single one of them. And I will give him respect cause he is the ONLY person in the entire Agona who I can say that about. Even we, the missionaries were late to a few meetings, but Opoku has always been there waiting for us. The guy has truly been converted and it hasn't been easy. His wife and children have been against it big time, and flat out rejected the invitation to come to his baptism, which was really sad but it didn't seem to have too big an effect on him. 

With the baptism yesterday, It was a sweet one and it was also the first time that i have had to re-baptize someone cause they didn't go all the way under... haha his feet kicked up.. But it was such an amazing experience.

Also some really exciting news, I don't know if any of you remember brother Desmond from Techiman who was preparing to serve a mission, well he got his mission call this week and will be reporting in October to the Ghana, Accra West Mission. So I was very happy to get that information.

I hope all is well for all of you whether on missions or at home. Life is precious. And the Church is true. I love you all.

Elder Hunter Kenneth Porritt

Last week at district conference, Elder Hill and Elder Morford and myself engaged in the challenge to see who could pull the ugliest/ best face for a selfie and these are the two winning pictures.

 Cleanest apartment in the mish..

The powerful Brother Opoku


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