Monday, June 6, 2016

You Are Never Alone

Well first of all, how is it already June.... I still feel like i just walked off the plane in Accra and now its been nearly 10 months since then. That is crazy. This week was another good one here in Agona.

Well first of all, we have a new guy that we have been teaching quite a bit and for him his name is Opoku. He is probably about 65-70 years old and he is a really smart guy and wants to know the truth. The first couple weeks that we taught him, he didn't seem that serious cause he didn't want to leave his church, which is about what 99% of people tell us, but this last week we really taught in depth about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it and how we can gain our testimony from its pages, and man ever since that lesson, every time we go there, we always walk into the compound (house) and he is there sitting on his chair reading the BoM. It is truly amazing what a testimony born with the Spirit present can do for a man. He came to church yesterday and he is really progressing well right now.

Also good news is that I was able to confirm Kwame yesterday, and that was a great experience as well. I love seeing the things that he continues to do and the way that he wants to always learn about the gospel, even though a lot of times when we go there he just wants to play football, but that's about every single Ghanaian kid here. But one day for sure Kwame will be a powerful missionary.

Also today was a way awesome day, but i am beat to heck and back right now. We played football for like 4 hours in the nice blazing sun of Ghana. It was way fun and i got way sunburned but the most unfortunate part was that my camera was dead so no pictures......... sorry.

The thing that i want to encourage all of you on is one thing that i really have learned here on mission and that is that you are never alone, no matter what happens, your Father in Heaven is always there for you.

I love you all and i hope you are doing well.
Love Elder Porritt

Had these nice muffins that didnt turn out to be muffins on Thursday, but they tasted amazing

Me and Elder Morford on exchange


Just the legendary Elder Adjei back there...

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