Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Birthday to the Promised Land!

Well Happy 4th of July everyone!! 

Happy birthday to the promised land!

Today has been a sweet day for us as missionaries, especially with all the missionaries who we always see in town when we go to Kumasi. Today we drove down to come to enjoy small and so we could get some stuff from Melcom (a somehow decent grocery store) we don't have anywhere in Agona to buy stuff like that..  But we enjoyed some KFC and that was pretty much how i celebrated my 4th of July. All of you will probably be at fireworks tonight so i hope all that goes well.

This week was another good one full of teaching and that sweet stuff. We were also able to have the confirmation of Brother Opoku and that was another very amazing experience!  That guy is one of the happiest i have ever seen to have the gospel in his life. He really wants to help his family to have this in their life. He really understands the importance of the gospel and wants to share it with all around him. He is really a powerful guy. He will bring many to the knowledge of the Gospel i really feel.  

Other than that, I dont have a ton that i have to share about this week. Not too much that stuck out, just another great week here in the mission field. There is nothing better than serving a mission and serving the Lord. But the great thing is that you dont have to be on a mission to serve the Lord, that is according to Mosiah 2:17. I hope all is well with all of you. Things are good here in Ghana, hotter than ever.  Have a great week!!

Love Elder Porritt

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