Monday, July 11, 2016

Surgery on the Mish..

Well folks, i am alive, but it didn't come easy that's for sure. One piece of advice to all who may read this, avoid ingrown toenails at ALL costs, cause someday it might get so bad that you have to have surgery on it, and I now know first hand how painful that surgery is... 

But before we get to that, this week was alright ha! Wednesday was a good day, due to a sweet service project we did for Sister Mary who is just a random old lady we met one day at her house, she doesn't speak a lick of English, she doesn't have any family at all that she even knows about, and she now is basically not able to walk more than 20 feet or so before she gets so tired and painful that she has to sit down again. We didn't ask how old she is, but she has got to be at least 90-95. Even with all of this opposition, she still takes care of herself (i have no idea how) but she does.  She is an amazing lady. But outside her house there is a field that is about the size of a baseball infield, and that field had weeds up to your knees all around the whole thing and it looked plain out horrible... So we gathered our District and on Wednesday, and went and weeded that thing with cutless, i don't know if anyone back home knows what a cutless is but its like a big knife, somehow like a machete. I wish i would have thought to take a picture of the field, but unfortunately i forgot... We had a good time and it felt really good to help her out especially since she cant really do anything for herself and she doesn't have family with her. 

The rest of the week was us teaching and me somehow suffering with this ingrown toenail that has been bugging me for about a month now.. i have been trying to take care of it myself cause all my life when i have had ingrown toenails, i have been able to take care of them, even though it hurts like no other. But so what has happened in the last few days, i talked to Sister Wardle, our mission nurse, that was on i think Saturday the 2nd July or something like that. She said that i should try and see if it would go away in the next few days, well on Wednesday after the service project, i could hardly walk it hurt so bad so i called her again, and i was going to come to the mission home to get it worked on, but President was too busy so i had to wait from Wednesday clear til yesterday.. That was a painful few days as well. But yesterday we went to the UST chapel for a soccer activity, but i didn't play obviously, after that, the Wardles took us to the mission home and we proceeded with what ended up to be literally the most painful thing i have ever felt in my entire life. 

The first thing that happened was one of the worst for sure. In the pictures you will notice that the side of my toe was so swollen, well that was the most painful and tender part of the whole thing, and that is the exact place where President Cosgrave stuck me twice to try and numb my toe... oh my goodness, i just remember being in a whole lot of pain and i think i was yelling... Then he took some little scissors and had to pry up the toenail and he cut a straight line down my toenail about not far away from the skin, and he had to cut all the way down the nail, then when he got to the bottom i was already bleeding pretty good, but he then grabbed the ingrown part of the nail and pulled out a LOT of toenail, a lot more than i thought was there.. and that's when i started to feel some relief from the pain, cause the nail that had been in there was now out. But next came the worst and most painful part of the whole operation.When President cut down the toenail, it left a little hole on the side of my toe going down, and he pulled out this big long stick thing that looked like a giant match stick. And he went on to push it down through that hole and down into my toe. Wow, at first i thought i was supposed to be numbed up but i felt that worse than all the rest of the whole thing. When he pushed that down into my toe, he left if there for a minute for people to take pictures, and then he started to pull it out really slowly, it was supposed to be releasing medicine inside my toe, and that was just awful, it felt like my toe was on fire!! But that was about it, he then threw a bandaid on it and sent me on my way haha. I am really grateful that my mission president is a doctor and knew what to do with this situation, even though i am still just feeling some real nice pain.. i might be limping around for a week if this doesn't go away. But I will survive haha:) 

I know that the church is true, and I hope all of you will continue to learn about the Gospel and the scriptures each and every day! I love you all and im thankful for all of your love and support you give to me every week! I hope you all have a good week!

The Crippled Elder Porritt

This was taken on July 4.. so a week ago this is how bad it already was..

The piece of toenail that he is holding with the clippers is what he pulled out of the side of my toe... not easy..

 Elder Porritt bearing the Pain

The piece of nail taken out

Most painful part of the whole thing, even though i was numbed, this one hurt the very most...
This stick has silver nitrate on it to kill the nail bed, so it won't grow back.

It's done

 Monday night after all was done...

 Our service project crew from left to right: Elder Adjei, Elder Porritt, Elder Amponsah from Ghana, Elder Mkandla from Zimbabewe, Sister Mary, Elder Udoh from Nigeria, and Elder Mpisa from Zimbabewe

The result of using a cutless for 4 hours

Finally found one haha!!! absolutely amazing

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