Monday, May 15, 2017

A Miracle Happened

Hello everyone,

Well this week was pretty crazy, and awesome at the same time!! Last Monday we were in Tamale, and starting Tuesday and from Tuesday to Friday, we had a Zone Conference each day. On Tuesday we had the Tamale Zone Conference, then Wednesday we had one for Techiman and Sunyani Zones, and then Thursday and Friday were split between the 4 Kumasi Zones and the 2 other South Zones.  While we were in the North, I got the chance to visit with some of my favorite people in Techiman where I served my first 6 months, and got the chance to see Sister Andoh, one of my converts, the one who is blind, and it was just great to get the chance to visit with her. Her twin daughters just graduated from high school and they are planning on going to the Temple in Accra to be sealed together with the family in July or August!! I am so happy about that!!

This week, a miracle also occurred for Andoh. She has been sightless for around 7 years and on Thursday (so the day after I left Techiman) she went into an eye doctor who was able to see out of one of her eyes for the first time in 7 years!!! I will also attach a small story that was written about it by one of the senior couple missionaries here!! I am so happy, and I just am praying that I will have the opportunity to see her again before I go home so that I can see her now that she can see small!!

The hardest but also sweet part of this week was telling Elder and Sister Wardle goodbye. They left on Saturday.  At the Zone Conference on Thursday, they had the opportunity to bare their final testimonies, and they left most of us missionaries teary eyed. The Spirit was so strong and the love that all the missionaries have for the Wardles is unbelievable, they are really going to be missed. We also got to attend their departure devotional at the mission home on Friday night. That one, there wasn’t quite as many tears, but it was also a great meeting and the Spirit was so strong!! We also got to meet Elder Wardles Sisters and their husbands, and among those were Brother and Sister Olsen, which is the parents of Brother Olsen who was my seminary teacher in high school. That was such a great experience to meet them and get to talk to them for a while!

The other highlight of the week was yesterday. Yesterday was such a great Sunday for me!! First of all it was Mother’s day and it was so great to get to talk to mom!! I am so thankful for my momma and all she has done for me! But the other great part of the day was the fact that both Yw and Brn were on time to Church, and Sister Brn was baptized by Elder Lindley after church!! The Baptism was great and Yw also witnessed it and is excited, he wants to be baptized, but we are still really struggling to help him overcome his addictions so we are still trying and still praying!!

Well the work is going on good, its been a great week, and its just crazy that time is going the way its going. The Church is true. I know that Thomas S. Monson speaks with God and knows His will for us, if we follow his teachings, we will always be holding tight to the iron rod.

I love you all and hope you have a good week!!
Elder Porritt

Sister Andoh

Sister Bernice is the one on the left, and Elder Speakman and Elder Ayim also baptized a lady called Vida the same day!!

Bernice and her niece Lydia!

This morning we whooped the Abuakwa district at home our court!!

The Wardle's last night...

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