Monday, May 29, 2017

My New Companion, Elder Adegboyega

Oh boy, its good to be a missionary right now!! This week has been AWESOME!!! Well as i said last week, i am training a new missionary and so I found him on Tuesday haha. Tuesday morning, we sent off the departing missionaries from the airport, and then Tuesday afternoon we picked up the new missionaries also from the airport. There was two Elders that came and so i had a 50/50 chance. Tuesday evening we had in-field orientation with all the new missionaries which is where we basically just introduce ourselves and they do the same, and then there is dinner and then testimony meeting.

On Wednesday i went to the mission home and waited all morning until President called the trainers in to announce who we would be companions with, and my new companion is.... (ha mom, i know you wont be able to pronounce it) Elder Adegboyega!! He is from Nigeria. Born in Ogbomoso and currently living in Lagos. He is a convert, he was actually baptized a few months after I was in 2005 hah, he was 13 when he was baptized and he is now 25! He is the sweetest and most humble missionary I've met and this morning he bought ketchup to put in his stew, thinking it was oil... got to the apartment and well, it wasn't oil... that is him, its been probably my favorite week of mission so far, I am seriously enjoying with him!! 

And if Elder Adegboyega doesn't make this week great already, it adds to the greatness to see the new ward where we are serving. We are in the Nkoransa Ward here in Kumasi, and I am so thankful to be here. We actually have a legit ward, with a SWEET Bishop who is always ready to work with us, whether he comes with us to teach or calls someone else to help. The Stake Patriarch is in our Ward, along with like 3 high councilmen from the Stake, and plenty of returned missionaries. Oh man its like being in paradise right now for me after serving in 4 small branches that rely very heavily on the missionaries... It is also the first time that i have been in a place that had over 100 people at Sacrament meeting. That was really nice for once ha! We are seriously enjoying the area and the people here. Although there is so much Twi here cause we are somehow getting towards the bush, we have some small villages in our area, but the members are working with us so much, so its not even a problem to have Twi, things are great here!!

The Spirit is strong right now being with and training Elder Adegboyega. Yesterday after Church, we were contacting and just trying to find anyone who would let us sit down and talk with them. We had like 6 or 7 straight people who said they were either Twi, or they were too busy or that "they had had enough religion today when they went to Church." and i was just getting tired and annoyed.. And we turned and went one road more, and there was a couple sitting outside their house, and from the far distance we were, it looked like an old lady, and if you know old ladies in the bush, none of them know English haha... so i was thinking 'oh great another mente...' But when we got up there we stopped and i realized that the man and woman were both really quite young, and there was 4 kids around them. We stopped, introduced ourselves and they stood up and got us chairs right away without us asking to sit. We realized that the woman (Ca) and the children spoke great English, but the father's (Sml) English was very small so the young son, Eh, who was probably only 10 years old translated and read from the English and twi bible. That is very rare for a boy like that. But we taught them about how their family could be sealed together for eternity if they were able to enter into a temple and be sealed by someone who holds the Priesthood Authority of God. They were so happy to hear that, and they said they want to be sealed, they want to come to church, and want their family to be together in the Church. So we are way excited for them and so thankful for Heavenly Father leading us to their family!!

Well I am enjoying mission. Can't believe how fast its going, and these two transfers are gonna be quick ones cause of the fun we are having together and the work we are doing!! But we are going to make the most of it all!!

I love you all!! Hope you have a great week!
Elder Porritt

Me with the Assistants haha... 

Found Mr. Prince sporting this classic T shirt!

Chopping TZ

My Boy!!

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