Monday, June 26, 2017

Wow! Way Awesome Week for us here.

Wow this week was a way awesome week for us here!! We had two big highlights for this week! Unfortunately though, today is a huge Muslim Holiday and so the internet cafe we usually go to is not open, and the one we are at today, we can't send pictures. But on with the miracles!!

On Wednesday, I had an awesome day on an exchange with Elder Edet who is in my apartment too, he is from Nigeria. We were in his area (Kokoben) and before we reached their area, one guy called us over from the roadside. A lot of times when people call us over, its not serious, a lot of people like to mess with us and laugh cause we can't speak Twi and they can't speak English. Well we felt like we should go and talk to the guy. We introduced ourselves and so did he, his name is Jry. As we started teaching Jry, we found out that 17 years ago, he was in Accra and attended the Church for 3 months but was never baptized. He even was helping to build one of the chapels in Accra before he moved here to Kumasi. Since he moved, he hasn't seen missionaries much and has not been to the church. He has been trying to come and wants to bring his wife, but his wife and his friends have persecuted him a lot as he has been trying to get them to come. Well we went on to teach him about the Restoration of the Gospel, and about the First Vision. As we recited Joseph Smith's First Vision and talked about how Joseph Smith received the Priesthood, Jry's eyes were full of tears and the Spirit was so strong. That was an amazing moment in my mission that I will never forget. As we helped him to understand that he needs to pray to know if our message is true, he said ''Elders, I have prayed to know if this church is good, and each time i pray to know, I have a dream where I see your church with this figure or cross thing on top" Elder Edet pulled out a picture of the Temple and pointed to Angel Moroni, and Jerry said that was what he has seen in his dreams. The Spirit has already told this man that the Church is true and he is ready to come, he has just been waiting for the missionaries to come and teach him. Unfortunately for us, Jry doesn't stay in our Ward boundary, but he works in it, so we will get to teach him and see him progress, but we won't see him at Church on Sundays. He did attend church yesterday though, the other elders in our apartment, Elder Edet and Elder White, he goes to their branch. We will surely go for his baptism though when the time comes!! We are so excited for Jry!!

The other amazing thing (an absolute miracle) that happened this week was that Yw from Daban was baptized!!! Oh man I never thought this day would come!! I am just one of probably 20-30 missionaries who have came through to teach that guy!! He has been the most stubborn investigator on earth, and he has struggled so hard to get over some serious addictions!! And finally, on Saturday, Yw was baptized. I am lucky that my area is really close to Daban still so I was able to go back there for the baptism, the Spirit was strong and I was so happy to see that!! Unfortunately i can't send pictures, ill send them next week! 

The rest of the week has also been great, but Jry and Yw have been the highlight of the week. Other great news, Regina should be baptized this coming Saturday!! So we are having a great time here in Nkoransa! Time is flying faster than ever right now!

To wrap things up, just a bit of advice for all of you out there, i heard the best quote ever the other day in a car going to the mission home, the guy on the radio said this: "If you're going to drink, drink plenty so you can't find your car!!"

I love you all, Have a great week!!
Elder Porritt

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