Monday, July 3, 2017

First Day of My Last Transfer

It is July... Well I don't have words to say how fast my head is spinning. It seems like yesterday i was coming to the MTC. And today is the first day of my last transfer. 6 more weeks with my Son, Elder Adegboyega, and my awesome people in Nkoransa. And its going to be a great 6 weeks. The work is going extremely great here right now!

This week, I went on exchanges with Elder White (my district leader) on Wednesday, and Elder Ansah (one of my Zone Leaders) on Thursday, and those days were so great! We were able to see so many people and teach some amazing lessons.

On Wednesday, we went to see Jry again and 5 minutes into the lesson we were teaching him about the plan of salvation, his friend Drk walks over and sits down and joined us, we had an amazing lesson with those two about the wonderful plan that God has made for us and the peace and comfort it can bring. During the lesson, out of nowhere, Jry told us that he was actually a huge smoking addict, where he could hardly go a day without smoking, and not just cigarettes, he was into weed and the whole 9 yards. He told us how badly it has affected him in the past, and then he told us that last week after he met with us, he hasn't smoked a single time since then. His wife even asked him why he hasn't been going with his friends to smoke anymore, and he told her that is was because he found the true church and he needs to stop smoking so he can get baptized!! Well that was probably a pretty big hit for his wife, because she is against the church big time, or at least she is for now, we will see here soon after she sees the change that goes on with Jry. But the lesson with Jry and Drk was just great, Drk also committed to be baptized and to come to church. We are having miracle after miracle with Jry!!

Another miracle was with Sister Regina this week! She entered into the waters of baptism on Saturday and was confirmed on Sunday!! It was such a great week for the Karikari Family. Brother Richmond Karikari is Regina's husband and he joined the church in 2010 and has struggled for 6 1/2 good years trying to get his wife to come to the church and finally she has been baptized, now they are about to start working themselves towards the temple!! I am so happy for them!!

Well those are the highlights of the week, the work is sweet and I am enjoying my 'last days' as a missionary! This work is so great!! I am sorry i can't send pictures again this week, we are at the same cafe as last week and the computers wont load pictures.

As a bit of an uplifting message for the week, i would recommend that you all read Alma 7 sometime this week and just ponder the actual reason why Jesus Christ went through unimaginable pain for you and for me. Whenever I read that chapter, I am able to feel the Spirit very strongly and remember why Jesus Christ loves me so much and knows me individually!

I love you all!!
Elder Porritt

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