Monday, July 24, 2017

I Love What I Am Doing

First off, Happy Pioneer Day!

I didn't even realize it was the 24th of July until just when I was typing the date, so that is pretty sweet! Good luck to the Porritt's in the BRC Volleyball Tourney today, hope you take home the trophy again this year!!

Well this week had some good parts and some disappointing parts. But that is about how missionary work goes it seems.  We had such a great week of teaching and finding new people, but yesterday, we only had a few of our investigators come to church, that was the big disappointment..

Updates from last week, we didn't even get to see Brother Kwb this week cause it is impossible for us to get ahold of him due to the fact that he doesn't have a phone.. Also another setback, Brother Th Ams, who was supposed to be baptized on Saturday, wasn't able to due to some miscommunication that happened as we were lining up an interview for him. So we are hoping for this Saturday for him along with Sister Pat who is a young girl who stays with one sweet member here in our ward.

The great highlight that happened this week was contacting Brother Kel Amh. This guy is an evangelist which means he goes out to the car stations around the area and preaches. He doesn't really belong to any specific church, he has kinda been roaming, although he is currently attending one called Christ the King Church ha.. We met with him and got to know quickly how well he knows the Bible, and how much he wants to be at the right church, cause even he expressed his frustration about all the churches around here and how they do their things. Well when we came back there on Saturday, we explained very well about the foundation and organization of the Church of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, and he was just going along with all the scriptures and just nodding his head as we went, and as we explained about how the great apostasy brought such a change into the Christian world, he agreed with us perfectly on all that we said. And then as we told him the story of Joseph Smith, the young boy who went and prayed and saw God the Father and Jesus Christ, Kelvin was about jumping out of his seat!! He was feeling the Spirit so strongly. As we concluded by telling him how Joseph Smith received the Priesthood Authority from John the Baptist, and then Peter, James, and John, Kel was nodding his head and told us that this was what he has been looking for, something with the same setup that the Bible teaches of. Well Kel unfortunately has a TON of duties in his current church, so Sunday he was not able to come to see for himself, but he promised us that this coming Sunday he would come, he also accepted a baptismal date for August 12. So I am definitely praying that works out cause that would be an amazing way to finish my work here in Nkoransa.

We also have 4 other people who we found this week and put many of them on date to be baptized in August. We are currently having a lot of success in our area, and THANKFULLY we are finding quite a few people who speak English. We have really been struggling with everyone we find speaking Twi, and on Wednesday, our Ward Mission Leader, Kwame Boakye, leaves for the MTC so we are losing our main translator... But the Lord will provide a way for us to teach them, or else he will provide English speaking people, that is the faith that we have.

The work is so sweet, I love what I am doing, and I am seriously sad that it is coming to an end so quickly, tomorrow is my final Zone Conference as a missionary. This transfer has been a lot of 'lasts' but I am enjoying it as much as I can, and we have a ton of people who are perishing in unbelief around us so we are working to save people!!

I hope you all have a great week!!
Elder Porritt

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